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Remodeling Our Home Office with New Flooring

Remodeling our home office and choosing the perfect floor from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

Today's post is brought to you by my hubby...the Colonel.
This post was sponsored by GoHaus but the content and opinions expressed here are our own. 

Making The Leap – deciding on new flooring for that special room.

In the next few months we will be remodeling our home office
and one of the biggest projects will be choosing is new flooring.  

As the years go by, many of the major renovations and projects appear in the rear-view mirror and homeowners begin to gather than sense of deep satisfaction.  Homeownership requires a long-range plan, and priorities should be determined and hard-wired into that plan.  Gradually, as paint appears on walls, sheet-rock goes up in the basement, and decks and sheds are constructed, a sense of completeness begins to creep into the owner’s psyche. 

Then, something changes.  Something unexpected, something that was not part of the original plan, and then you realize that perhaps your home is not as complete as you once thought.

My wife and I have a room on the first floor that we (somewhat pretentiously) call our library.  Originally constructed as a “center of learning” for our school age children, it quickly devolved into an online gaming room.  Yes, even with the book lined shelves, piano, and three computer terminals.  My original vision of a quiet yet intense study hall where my children would research themselves into ivy-league scholarships and Nobel-prizes could not hope to compete against the imperative of kids just want to have fun.

But then the change.  My wife started a recipe blog.  And then people began to read it. 
 And then she was noticed by really big bloggers who needed help getting linked
 up to online blog parties.  Then other bloggers asked if she could link them as well.
 Then companies asked if she would review their products. 
 Authors asked if she would review their books. 
 Online magazines asked if she would write articles. 

Before long, she asked for my help.  And here we are! 

We need to re-think how this room functions and that means 
we need to do some remodeling.  But first, here's a few inspiration pieces 
we found that we would love to work into the new office space...

Every office needs a chalk board.

And this wall mounted organizer would be perfect!

Now that we decided on our decorating style, we need to get organized.  Really organized. 
 Part of that, means taking a good hard look at our work space. 
 File cabinets need to be ordered.  The piano has to go.  
We’ll need to re-think the shelving, and the positioning of the workstations.  
Which means re-thinking the location of the outlets, both electrical and cable.

Which means taking a good look at the flooring.

If one is going to take up a 15-year old carpet, then one is going to have 
to carefully consider what to put in its place. 

For a functional and ascetically pleasing home office, going with laminate, hardwood, 
or tile depends heavily on the overall style.  
Overall style will depend on the egress, personal and business taste, and light.

Thankfully we found this great company, GoHaus. 

GoHaus offers a premier selection of innovative and sustainable
 home construction products at the right price.
There have quite a large selection of different flooring options for us to choose from
to make our new home office function perfectly...

The beauty of luxury vinyl plank flooring isn’t just in its visual appeal, but in the durability and longevity it provides homeowners as well. GoHaus luxury vinyl plank floors were crafted to create a real wood look and texture without the high cost. You also get the added bonus of being able to install our floors in nearly every room of your home, including humidity-prone areas such as a basement or bathroom. Last, but definitely not least, all of our vinyl plank flooring is FloorScore certified, meeting all indoor air quality standards for resilient flooring.

This style is Corteccia Flooring...

Engineered wood flooring is a floor covering that gives you the beauty of real hardwood at a better price point. Due to its layered, cross-ply construction, engineered wood floors provide homeowners with added stability and the opportunity to install in locations not typically suitable for solid hardwood, such as a basement or other humidity-prone areas of the home.
 It can even be installed over concrete subfloors!

GoHaus' porcelain and ceramic tile floors capture the warmth and natural beauty of wood, but without the maintenance and durability concerns making it an ideal product for residential and commercial projects. Our wood-look tile flooring also come in plank lengths,
 mimicking the look of real hardwood floors.

Be sure to check out all the different flooring options
 GoHaus has to offer YOU!

This post contains affiliate links.  
Your cost is the same, but I earn a commission when you shop through them. 
Your purchase helps support this site and the fun things I share.
For more information, click HERE.  

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