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Create Business Cards with PicMonkey - Thursday's Tip

Create your own business cards with PicMoney is this week's Thursday's Tip from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.
Have you ever heard of PicMonkey?

Chances are if you're a blogger you have.  PicMonkey is the online photo editing tool that I use to create the beautiful photos and collages that I use here on Walking on Sunshine Recipes.  It also allows me to do basic editing all the way up to advanced editing like cloning, touch up and fun effects.  This week's Thursday's Tip is a tutorial on How to Create Business Cards using PicMonkey.
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PicMonkey is FREE to use, but some of the features I will be using are “royale” features. To sign up for Royale, you’ll need to click HEREIt’s five bucks a month, and oh so worth it! First, log into PicMonkey. Choose the 4x6 design, and rotate it so it’s Landscape rather than Portrait. Choose your canvas color.

Click the butterfly (overlays) and click “your own”. Later, when I add the flowers, I will just click the butterfly button and then scroll down to the flower section.

Next, decide which look you’re going for. I want to match my website, so I’m going to take a screenshot of my front page of my business site and go from there.

If you like how it looks at this point, press the button here to compress all layers. This means you cannot move them again, so be sure you want them that way before compressing!

Everything really starts to come together once you add custom text and colors. To center your text, drag the text box to the edges of the canvas and then click “center”.

As you can see, there are three identical flowers on my business card. Add one as an overlay, right click, and choose “duplicate” so you can repeat the flowers in the same size and color. Then, change each flower’s color as you see fit.

This is the front of my card. It’s a good idea to include your email address on one side of the card, but for the purposes of this tutorial I left mine off. I used my business name and tagline, and incorporated those boxes from my website design for branding purposes. Use the color picker to keep the colors the same throughout your business card design.

I incorporated the same colors onto the back of my business cards, and made sure I used the same fonts as well. Your best bet is to use fonts similar to the ones you use in your website header or headings, and to limit yourself to two fonts so it doesn’t look too busy or distracting.

Think about what you want the back of your card to look like. Do you want your phone number, email, maybe your social media? I kept these cards simple because I like them that way but if you can include a little more about your business on the back of your cards, that works really well! Try to answer at least one or two questions your future clients might have. Don’t write a paragraph of microscopic text, but having a helpful sentence or two is perfect!

You can print these out using your own business card paper, or order them online from Vistaprint or another online printing place.

So how do you like mine?

And the back...

I love PicMonkey and cannot recommend it enough for anyone to use!  That's right, you don't have to be a blogger to use it!  It's great at editing photos.  They have great tools to fix the exposure and even a tool to remove wrinkles!  Yes, I have used that tool...just a little.  I like to upload my photos into PicMonkey and edit them BEFORE I upload them into Shutterfly to order prints.  

I made all the table numbers using PicMonkey for our daughter's wedding last year. It saved us so much money!  I was looking around for ideas on Etsy and they werevery pricey.  I created these myself and purchased frames at the dollar store and for around $30 we had all the table numbers complete.  They looked lovely.

Click on the MONKEY photo to try it yourself! 

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win
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