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Valentine's Day Gifts - Friday Favorites

This week's Friday Favorites is all about Valentine's Day Gifts from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

  • It's been awhile since we've done a Friday Favorites post.
  • I have missed them!
  • I see so many things every day that I just love and want to share with you,
  • so for the first time this year we are spending some time today
  • with our Friday Favorites post.
  • This week it's all about Valentine's Day Gifts.  

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support this site and the fun things I share.  

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  •  Everything for this week's Friday Favorites would make the perfect gift for 
  • the baker in  your life for Valentine's Day this year.  

I am always looking for a way to bring cupcakes to a function and this carrier looks perfect!
It not only holds a lot of cupcakes, but it also doubles as a display for your cupcakes
once you arrive at the party.  This would look so pretty on a buffet table.  

I love pretty cupcake liners and these are pretty.
I like to place the baked cupcakes in a second liner after they've 
baked in the original liner and then decorate the cupcakes.

Here's a photo of some cupcakes I baked a few weeks ago.
You can see how much prettier they look with the extra cupcake liners...

Every baker can always use an extra set of measuring cups.
And how cute are these Heart Shaped Measuring Cups...

I put this Cupcake Batter Dispenser on my Christmas 
Friday Favorites and sad to say no one from my family 
read my blog to see how much I would love one of these.

If you don't have a cupcake batter dispenser, you should use
an ice cream scoop to help fill the cupcake pans.
These Scoops are great.  I use them for everything.

And don't forget Sprinkles to decorate your cupcakes.
There are so many cute things you can purchase to decorate your 
cupcakes and cookies.  I love the different colored sprinkles
that are perfect for every holiday.

Sprinkles are a great way to decorate cupcakes or a 
Heart Shaped Cake...

Heart Shaped Cake is a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day for your family.

If you're looking for MORE Valentine's Day inspiration,
check out my Pinterest board...


  1. Thanks for the visual on making a heart cake!!
    Love your idea of an extra liner, too.
    Here from Inspire Me Monday.

  2. I LOVE the pink bowl and really need a batter dispenser! These are all great ideas...I think it's time to go shopping! xoxo


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