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Healthy Snacks Recipes - Menu Plan Monday

This week's Menu Plan Monday is a great collection of healthy snacks recipes to help us plan out our snacks all week long from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

What is your favorite snack when you're trying to lose weight?

For me, it really helps to plan two snacks a day when I'm trying to lose weight.  
To make any weight loss plan a success, you need to space your meals throughout the day and for me, that means I like to have a snack in the morning and then again in the afternoon.  So for this week's Menu Plan Monday, we will be focusing on
Healthy Snacks to help us all with our meal planning...even if you're not trying to lose weight.  

Healthy Snack Recipe from Walking on Sunshine.

This is one of my favorite snacks.  I love rye crisp crackers.
They are very low in calories and carbohydrates.  I love them with peanut butter
and homemade granola.  Sometimes I even like sliced apples on top of the peanut butter.
I even use these crackers for lunch with a slice of ham or turkey.  
Trust me, you will NOT miss the bread if you start using these crackers.  

You can get my recipe for granola HERE.

Make Ahead Smoothies from Pocket Change Gourmet 

I love this idea!  By simply freezing everything you need to make a smoothie
ahead of time you'll be able to have a snack ready to go when you're hungry.  

from Family Fresh Meals
Using Greek yogurt packs this snack with protein.  Package them individually
in plastic bags and store in the freezer for just the right time you're 
feeling hungry.  

Almond Butter Rice Cakes from Deliciously Organized

This recipe actually uses almond butter, but you could substitute peanut butter.
I love rice cakes.  They are a great way to add crunch to any recipe without
adding a lot of calories.

Apple Sandwiches from Real Farmacy

Another favorite snack for me is apples and peanut butter.
Easy and quick to put together and packed with protein.  Add some 
granola and you get the perfect crunch for the perfect snack.  

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