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Decorating: How to make your own DIY Chalkboard Buffet Table

An easy DIY project to make your own Chalkboard Buffet Table for family gatherings. 
Chalkboard Buffet Project for Family Gatherings from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

So, I had this idea for something GREAT. I wanted to create a Chalkboard Buffet Table.  And then I mentioned this idea to my hubby because I knew I needed help. 

There was no way I could do what I wanted on my own. I shared my "vision" and "need" with my hubby a few weeks before Thanksgiving and he said, "Let me think about this."  

And in true fashion, my hubby created just what I needed. Only it was different from what I originally requested, it wasn't a chalkboard PAINTED buffet table, but HIS idea and plan worked out better than I ever thought.

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Whenever we have a lot of people over for any occasion, we usually serve the food buffet style.  I used to set the buffet up on our kitchen counter, but that was getting crowded and made the kitchen seem a bit messy.  

A few years ago, we started bringing in two folding tables that we purchased 
inexpensively at Lowes for large family gatherings to place the food and chaffing dishes on.

The very first time we did this, I used REAL tablecloths.  BIG mistake. I went out and purchased a few vinyl/fabric back tablecloths that I used over and over again.  They worked perfectly and were easy for quick cleanup. 

A few weeks before Thanksgiving I thought of this idea of using chalkboard paint to paint on the folding tables so I could write in chalk in front of each chaffing dish exactly what was inside. My hubby looked at me and said, "Let me think about that."

A few days before Thanksgiving he came home with this product called Chalkboard Vinyl Surface.

It's very easy to use.  Just unroll it and place it on the surface you want to cover.  Cut to fit and then ever so gently remove the backing.

Using a smoothing tool, begin to smooth out the contact paper until all the air bubbles are gone.
You can see that we just covered part of the table.  The chaffing dishes covered the back of the table and we only had so much contact paper to use.

Here's my hubby having some fun.

Then have some fun labeling the buffet table.

I chose to keep it simple.

You could really have some fun using the chalk to decorate the buffet table.

Later in the evening, we cleaned everything up and with just a damp cloth the chalk wiped up beautifully.  You can see how clean the tables look in the photo below.  I made homemade donuts for everyone to decorate and set everything out on the buffet tables.

My nephew Davie decorated his donut so cute.

Tap on the photo for more information on the products used in this project.

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Make your own DIY Chalkboard Buffet Table for your next family gathering from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

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