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Friday Favorites #32 - Thanksgiving Style

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Here are some amazing ideas I found this week that I think
would be great to use for Thanksgiving.
AND yes, these are my favorites this week that I found on Pinterest.  

This week's Friday Favorites are all about my favorites for Thanksgiving.  There are some great ideas here that I would love to use for our Thanksgiving celebration from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

I love this idea for a buffet.  
The use of pumpkins is a great way to bring height to a buffet table.  

These rolls look delicious. 
I would love to try them this year for Thanksgiving.
The step by step directions on the blog are great too.

I am always looking for more ideas to make the table pretty.  
I love this box with the pumpkins and candles idea.
I am sending my husband out to cut pine branches the day before Thanksgiving!

These cards are a great idea.  I have something else in mind, if my husband
and I can find the time to work on it, but if not, I will be printing these out.  

But unless I go shopping, I will be wearing my black pants and a simple
top...maybe my favorite grey cardigan set. 

Don't forget to join me on Pinterest and see all the other Friday Favorites blog posts...

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