Decorating with Fake Pumpkins for Halloween - Thursday's Tip

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Let's talk about Halloween today and decorating with pumpkins for this week's Thursday's Tip.  A few weeks ago I was at my hair dressers and they each had pumpkins decorated in ways I have never seen...way different than the usual Jack-O-Lantern's most of us are used to seeing for Halloween.  I started thinking of all the different ways of decorating with pumpkins for Halloween...but using FAKE pumpkins so you can keep the designs year after year.  

Learn a few new ways to decorate with fake pumpkins this year for Halloween on Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

One of the pumpkins from my hairdressers. 
 Roxie carved the fake pumpkins out and then painted the inside
 and added all sorts of fun things.  She personalized them each with an initial for each of the girls.
M is for Mackenna...

I love the marquee light up initial.  This one was for my hair dresser, Stacie...

Now, let's take a look at some other interesting ideas
 I found on Pinterest
for decorating with fake pumpkins for Halloween...

And what better way to use a fake pumpkin 
than to fill it with CANDY.
Of course, you must decorate it first.  

I love this idea from In My Own Style...

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