How to Wash Pillows...Quick Tip Thursday

Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to wash pillows is my Quick Tip for you this week.  From my research on line, it's not really hard to wash pillows but for some reason we all neglect to throw the pillows into the washing machine every now and then.  I'm always thinking they're going to fall apart and not be the same when I pull them out of the dryer.  I will admit I have never washed my pillows, but that is about to change after today's post and I hope for you too! 

First you need to make sure you CAN wash the pillows.  
That's right, read the label on the pillows before washing.  
Now that you're sure your pillows can be washed, here are a few tips to remember.

  • Begin by filling the tub of your washing machine with HOT water.  You want to kill all the dust mites that are living in the pillows.    
  • Add the laundry detergent along with 1/4 cup bleach.
  • As soon as the tub is filled with water, add the only want to wash two pillows at a time or the load will be uneven and can get the washing machine not to function properly.
  • Run the pillows through the rinse cycle an extra time to make sure all the laundry detergent and bleach has been thoroughly rinsed out.  
  • Place the pillows in the dryer along with a few tennis balls to keep the fibers in the pillows from clumping.
  • Stop the dryer every 15 minutes or so and shake the pillows out to help keep them their shape. 
  • You can also just let the pillows air dry by laying them on a flat surface.  
Now, what are you going to do the next time you change your sheets?  

Find out more about washing pillows HERE on Wiki How or HERE on Apartment Therapy.
There are some great illustrations also to check out.  

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  1. Awesome, I'm going to try this! Thanks for the info, visiting from The Interior Frugalista.