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Broccoli and an Easy Recipe

I'm sharing with you today a few more photos of our garden and a very easy recipe for enjoying broccoli.  Broccoli doesn't need a fancy cheese sauce to make it delicious.  We enjoyed our very first home-grown broccoli for dinner last night and it was delicious just steamed with a little butter.   

Our very first broccoli from the garden for dinner tonight!

Broccoli is not very hard to grow at all.  
We planted ours by seed and have quite a few plants growing. 
 This was the first one we harvested just the other day.  
We heard from quite a few people to soak the broccoli heads in water
 before bringing them into the house just in case there were worms inside.  
We did that and I'm happy to report, no worms at all.  
We didn't even see worms when we harvested the broccoli, but we weren't taking any chances.

So beautiful...

Our harvest from the other day.  Broccoli, tomatoes, green peppers and sugar snap peas...

The broccoli was easy to prepare.
I just steamed it with a little water.
It only took a few minutes for the stalks to become tender.
After I drained the broccoli, I melted a tablespoon of butter in the hot pan
and added the broccoli back to the pan.
A sprinkle of salt and pepper and the broccoli was ready to serve.
We had grilled chicken and potatoes roasted on the grill as well last night.  

Very first broccoli from the garden this year.  Amazingly delicious.

A few more photos from the garden...


My sunflowers are doing amazing this year...

My other favorite flower to grow in our garden is zinnias.  They're so easy!  Just plant the seeds and watch them grow.  They make beautiful arrangements...

Here's a closeup...

Enjoy your day! 

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