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Cookies and Punch for a Wedding Treat

A month ago we had our daughter's wedding.  I loved everything about the day and wanted to share an idea from the wedding with you.  We decided at the very beginning to keep everything simple, because, Olivia is not a complicated person and neither is her husband, Tyler.  And life is just so much more easier when things are simple, right?

We also knew that there would be people coming to the church ceremony that would be unable to attend the reception or let's face it, we also couldn't afford to invite everyone to the reception.  I decided to do something a little "untraditional" here in our corner of the world and had cookies and punch served right after the wedding for everyone.  

We set up a table directly in front of the church and as guests finished the receiving line, they were invited to have some cookies and punch and mingle with each other.  I asked my mother, cousin, sister and sister-in-law to please make cookies and then I asked a good friend of mine, Jani, if she would please be the hostess at the table and help with setting up and overseeing everything. 

I made the sign and we placed the bubbles in a glass cookie jar for 
people to grab on their way out of the church...

We borrow the old fashioned glass container from another friend and my hubby 
made a few gallons of punch the night before.  Hubby made the punch in 
gallon water jugs so all Jani had to do was just refill the glass container
as needed...

My friend Jani was a great hostess for everyone. 
She set everything up right before the wedding started and did a beautiful job!  
The stairs behind her lead up to another building on the church property...

My mother, cousin Traciene, my sister, Liz and my sister-in-law, Susan 
all made the homemade cookies...

They made everything easy and used trays from the Dollar Store that could
just be thrown away so no extra cleanup was needed as we hurried to the reception. 
They did use paper doilies to make things pretty...

Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Dipped Hearts and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies...

A few of the guests helping themselves to a little treat...

 The bride and groom mingling with the guests after the ceremony...

Tyler getting a hug from Traciene...

My nephew Davie making sure he had some bubbles to use...

Another sign I made that was on the table with the cookies.
Unfortunately, the wind was strong the day of the wedding and blew the sign
and the napkins around.  Just a little damage to the sign...

 Such a happy day...


  1. I love the platters of cookies. Weddings are so much more personalized to our tastes now and things we love. A beautiful bride.

  2. Love the treats! What goodies are on the first tray? It looks to me like something apricot?

    Congratulations to the Bride & Groom!


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