What to do with an Old TV Wall Unit

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Like so many people we finally upgraded to a flat screen TV.  While we were shopping for our new TV last spring I knew it would not fit in our wall unit that has been holding our old BIG square TV for many years.  

Which meant, we had to purchase a new TV stand.  But what to do with this beautiful piece of furniture that I loved? My hubby just wanted to get rid of it or try to sell it on a local garage sale site. I had other plans...

Come see what we did with our old wall unit!

It took a little convincing, but my husband and son patiently carried the heavy piece of furniture down to our finished basement.  It sits at the bottom of the stairs and looks really pretty...

Now, here's what I did with the inside.  

I purchased an inexpensive three tiered shelving unit and gathered all my oversized
platters, serving dishes, beverage containers, etc and placed them inside my favorite TV cabinet... 

I purchased a shelving unit and relocated all my oversized serving dishes, bowls and beverage containers to one place.

All these pieces were scattered throughout our house and some were even in the garage. 
But now they're nicely contained and easy to get to.  

I'm so happy we didn't have to say goodbye to this piece of furniture.
But I am glad we said goodbye to the old TV!  


  1. Oh boy we have a few of those. Sadly they are in the garage for storage but I love this idea because as the TVs all change we all have these old entertainment cabinets.

  2. Great idea! I never thought this cabinet can be reused so well!

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  3. Great idea Lois, and so nice everything will be readily available too.
    So how are you girl?? Know you are keeping quite busy these days.
    Hope all is well.
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Great repurposing idea. Now its more functional. Good job!

  5. I love this, Lois! This will be one of my features at Treasure Box Tuesday this week- we get started tomorrow evening (Monday 2/16) at 8:00 p.m. eastern time! Thank you for linking up with us! Pinned! :)

  6. Such a great idea! Good thing you kept it. Thank you for linking up at #HomeMattersParty Hope to see you there again.

  7. I love old TV stands, I actually repainted mine and used it as a bar! Thanks for sharing this on Dream Create and Inspire Party.. Please add us to your party list for future features.