Isaiah 12:2

Sunday, September 14, 2014

For today's Scripture Sunday post, I'm sharing a photo from a photographer friend of mine.
She has given me permission to use some photos over the next
few weeks and edit them with scripture.  

takes beautiful photos and we have used her a few times for family photos 
and will be using her for our daughter's upcoming wedding next spring.  

Please head over to her Facebook page HERE and see her beautiful work.

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  1. Beautiful photos, since I have been missing from blogland I see Miss Olivia is engaged, congratulations to both, I wish them much happiness and a joy filled life. As I was looking at the photo I was remembering when I first met you and both Olivia and Michael were in school, I can hardly believe how they have grown up so fast, my how time flies. Thank you for sharing your most blessed life with me.
    Many continued blessings to you and your sweet precious family.