Pumpkin Muffins with Streusel Topping

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall...my favorite season.  There are so many things to love about this season, but I think pumpkin is one of my favorites and I love these Pumpkin Muffins...

You can get the recipe HERE for the Pumpkin Muffins with Streusel Topping.  
I hope you try them; they're really easy as they start out using a cake mix.  Add a can of pumpkin and a few other ingredients and you have an amazing treat for your family.  

I love decorating for Fall.  Here is a photo of the centerpiece on our dinning room table.  I found these beautiful mercury glass pumpkins recently at The Yankee Candle Shop.  They were only $12.99 each and really look beautiful with the candle lit inside...

Here is a close-up of the glass pumpkins...

Another thing about Fall that I love is Football.   His high school team is doing great.  Here is at a recent game, #34...

The only thing missing from my love of Fall is my Colonel.  
Here is a recent photo of him with his team over in Afghanistan...

What do YOU love about fall?  


  1. Good morning! First, thanks for the heads up as I am always looking for good pumpkin recipes. It seems as if EVERYONE like those. And then, love your glass pumpkins...soo pretty. And football? Well, we are big fans over here. Hubby played in college, and all my boys played in high school. Some of our funnest times and best memories came from those days, so enjoy every minute. Now my grandson JD is starting in with football (though he is only 6! lol)...we are all excited. Enjoy your week Lois, you and your hubby are often in my prayers!

  2. The recipe sounds delicious! Thank you!

    Sending a prayer and thanks along to your colonel and all of our troops!

  3. Hmmmm...those would be better than cookies.

  4. Bless your colonel and bless you and your family for living without him so he can protect all of us...thank you.

  5. G'day and thinking about the colonel and his troops and you Lois (and your family too!
    These muffins look delish and WISH I could try one of them now too!
    Cheers! Joanne