Washing and Drying Lettuce

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's talk SALADS today.

One thing that I love about planting our own garden is fresh lettuce...

There is nothing compared to a salad made with lettuce picked fresh from the garden.

There is ONE small problem.  
Cleaning the lettuce...which can be a real problem.  
I have finally figured out how to wash and dry my home-grown lettuce that doesn't require hours of using a "salad spinner." 

The other day I went to our garden and picked enough lettuce to last my family about a week...

When I come in from the garden, I immediately put the lettuce in a large plastic container and place it in the sink and fill with cold running water.
I let the water run for a few minutes and then fill up the container with fresh, CLEAN water and let the lettuce soak for about 10 minutes...

Then I rinse the lettuce again.  YES...home-grown lettuce will be filled with dirt and even bugs, so I like to make sure it's really clean.
Then I lay a big BEACH towel on my counter and start spreading the lettuce out in a single layer...

Cover with another clean beach towel and let sit on the counter for a few hours...

You should check it every now and then and turn the lettuce leaves over to make sure all the lettuce is drying...

Once your lettuce is completely dried, you can store it in a plastic container using paper towels in between the layers of lettuce.  
Your lettuce will last a long time stored this way; at least a week, maybe longer.  
Check it every few days and change the paper towels if they become too damp.  

I used to lay the lettuce on paper towels or dish towels on my counter tops, but realized using a nice big beach towel works so much better.  

AND if you're looking for some delicious homemade dressings to enjoy on top of your home-grown lettuce, check these two recipes out...

Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing HERE...

Homemade Olive Garden Copycat Salad Dressing HERE...


  1. That sounds so much better than bagged salads!

  2. You are absolutely right nothing can top salad that you have grown. I basically wash and dry mine the same. Your tutorial was perfect, and I have already booked marked the dressings, can't wait to try them.

  3. Yum, Lois! So glad you're enjoying the bounty of your garden! I want to have one again...but need more time! Hugs to you sweetie. Praying for you all!

  4. Lettuce is what I look forward to the most each year when it comes to my own garden! Nothing beats it!

  5. I pinned the dressing and I will remember the steps of the lettuce - but it seems like a lot of work - I'm lazy.

  6. G'day Lois and thanks for the wonderful hint and tip, true!
    I will be starting a herb and veggie garden soon and fingers crossed, will get some lettuce popping up too! :)
    Cheers! Joanne