Monday, June 24, 2013

Sharing with you a recent photo of my Colonel...

As most of you know he's back in Afghanistan until next year.

We've been able to speak to him through the computer a few times,
and it really is wonderful.  One day soon he'll get on a computer that has a camera.

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AND coming tomorrow...

A new marinade for steak that is DELICIOUS!

Enjoy your day!


  1. God bless him and all of you while he is away. How happy the country will be when our military is all safely home again not to be deployed over and over and over. It's a profound frustration.

    Beautiful mosiac...gotta love food all presented so beautifully. I'm still so happy with the ribs recipe that I don't know if I can handle venturing on to anything new. ☺

  2. Prayers for you Colonel while he is serving our country in Afghanistan. May God keep him and all of our troops safe! My thanks to all of our troops and your Colonel.

  3. He's in my prayers everyday and you as well:) My son will be heading over very soon, little Tyler is missing him already:(

  4. All the recipe pictures look so good and sound so good to make. Bless you hubby as he is away serving our country. That is so wonderful that you can talk to him through the computer!