Passover Celebrations...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Does your family celebrate Passover?

I wrote an article on Passover on Daily Dish Magazine.
My brother married into a Jewish Family and I asked my sister-in-law, Beth,
to help me out with some memories of how her family celebrates Passover.

She also shared her secret recipe for brisket. 

I'm still in shock over that!

Head on over to read about this wonderful celebration HERE
and get Beth's recipe for the most amazing brisket.  

And if YOU do celebrate Passover, let me know some of your family traditions.


  1. My family has never celebrated Passover but I have gone to few Sader Dinners at church. I love all the symbolism and most importantly what is stands for, the freedom from the bondage of sin!

  2. We've never celebrated Passover before, but this year my daughter's religion class is hosting a Passover Seder and I get to take part. I'm excited!

  3. We have never celebrated Passover, thanks for the link, I will visit.
    Enjoy your evening.