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Dannon Greek Yogurt Smoothie...

Since my surgery I have been eating and enjoying
a lot of Greek yogurt. 

 I found this great Greek yogurt by Dannon that is really good. 
 It is has an insane amount of protein, 
while keeping the sugar, carbs and calories pretty low. 

The other morning for breakfast I pulled out my blender 
and created an EASY recipe using Dannon Greek Yogurt...


Ice Cubes
1/2 frozen banana (remove the peel before freezing)
1 container yogurt, any flavor
Small container of peaches; including the liquid in the container
(I used the individual size container of peaches that are sugar free)

Add the frozen banana, peaches and ice cubes to the blender...

Then add the container of yogurt.  I used vanilla, but any flavor would be good...

Blend until smooth and ENJOY...

Easy, delicious and pretty good for you. 

If you don't have the small individual sized container of peaches,
just open a can of peaches and add a few plus some of the liquid that is in the can.
Try to use sugar free canned fruit when possible.  

OR you can add about 1/4 cup of orange juice.
You will need some liquid when making a smoothie.

You could even add some protein whey powder to make this smoothie
even more healthier.  

Enjoy your day!

Foodie Friends Friday


  1. Sounds nutritious and delicious. (I haven't tried Greek yogurt yet, though.) We get our yogurt in almost daily with a charmingly named recipe called "Goop."

  2. This sounds wonderful! So fresh and clean. YUM. Green yogurt, the drier the better, is the only kind of yogurt I'll make. I've made my own and strain it longer than called for because I just love it really thick!

    BTW, our spring sale on homemade, natural vegan soaps ends tomorrow night. Just a heads up. :-)

  3. I use frozen fruit and orange juice in my smoothies... that way I don't need ice. This looks yummy.

  4. I am going to have to make a variation of this! I am allergic to peaches, so I need to make a few changes. :)

  5. Hi Lois, I love smoothies, this sounds delicious. I'm sharing this on my FB page tonight.

    Thanks for sharing on FFF.



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