Celebrating St. Patrick's Day...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This week's Tuesday's Question has to do with GREEN.

"Do you do anything special for 
St. Patrick's Day?"

(Photo Credit:  Google Images)

We don't.  We're not Irish.  

AND we don't eat corn beef and cabbage either...

(Photo Credit:  Google Images)

This year I put together a couple of articles for Daily Dish Magazine
and found some really cute ideas that are making me re-think this holiday.

Aren't these cute...

You can find the above article HERE.


People have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day 
for over 1,000 years...maybe it's 
time we all started having FUN with GREEN.

So, how about you...

"Do YOU celebrate St. Patrick's Day?"


  1. I make note of St Patricks's Day because I am half Irish on my Dad's side.I have a visit to Ireland on my Bucket List.

  2. We pretend we're Irish. Nothing like a Swede and a Heinz 57 mutt pretending to be Irish.

  3. Great ideas. I love how the peppers were sliced and stems added for a shamrock!! Cute.

  4. We don't do anything special. And we don't like corned beef, either! The St. Patty goodies look good, tho!

  5. Those are some great ideas. We celebrate it a little. The true story of St. Patrick is a wonderful one. He was an amazing man and evangelist. We do eat corn beef and cabbage but wait until after the holiday when they put the corn beef on sale:)

  6. I have always toilet-papered the cars and deck, left little green footprints everywhere, thrown laundry about...to make the kids think leprechauns had been here. :)

    We don't generally do the corned beef and cabbage because I find it disgusting. lol BUT, I found a new recipe this year and am making it. The hubby has Irish in his end of the family. :)

  7. I love that cut of leaves and pepper. Happy St Patrick Day.

  8. We do celebrate - just a little - St. Pat's day - I really do have some Irish in me. And that meal looks great! sandie