Typewriting and Stenography...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A few weeks ago I posted the following photo on 

I asked the following question:

"Did you take typing and stenography 
in high school?"

This photo has been seen by almost 50,000 people and has over 3,500 comments.

I learned to type in HIGH SCHOOL on a typewriter similar to this one...

That's right, a manual one.  NOT electric.  

AND I also took stenography classes...

Taking typing classes was such a GREAT investment for me.

My parents gave me a typewriter as my high school graduation gift 
and when I went away to college, I dragged that HEAVY electric
typewriter with me and proceeded to charge $1.00 per page to type papers
for students who didn't know HOW to type.

AND up until 1 1/2 years ago, I worked from home as a transcriptionist.

I never really used my stenography skills, except to take notes while in college, 
but we had a lot of fun in class pretending to be secretaries.  

So how about YOU...

"Did you take a typing or stenography class in high school?"

Let me know YOUR answer here in the comments.  


  1. iBook typing in high school, short hand had already been removed. In college I took typing II on an electric typewriter. One of the best investments i made. I still have my typing book packed up from high school. Our teacher would made us cut our fingernails , can you imagine that today!

  2. I took typing where I learned nothing about typing. That has come with keyboards and computers.

  3. i think I was one of your commenters on Facebook, haha. Yes, I did take typing, and shorthand! My first job I started out as a typist, and was promoted later on to secretary! I actually occasionally even used my shorthand. I LOVED IT! haha. Can you honestly imagine how easy all the papers we had to write, and that job I had would have been sooo much easier today with a computer...sooo easy! Enjoy your day Lois!

  4. I did take typing in high school, but I'm not sure how much I benefited from it. I'm still not the best typist you'd ever come across.

  5. I took typing in high school and it helped me to get a job at an AFB.

  6. I did take typing in school and loved it. I took two years. I wish I had taken stenography.
    I loved that typewriter in that photo.

  7. Yes to both although my steno skills are nonexistent. My typing skills are good, last test I took I was pushing 120 wpm. Not bad.

  8. I remember both - I took typing, but not shorthand.

  9. I took typing, but not stenography. Typing was the most useful skill I learned in high school, and I did indeed lug an electric typewriter off to college in the late 80s. My Mom took both, and I used to be amazed at her typing speed when I was a kid, and her stenography looked like a secret code to me.

  10. Hi Lois! I took one 9 week typing class in 8th grade and I forgot it all by the next year. I thought office work and typing was not my cup of tea until I turned 32. I was living in S. California and my brother-in-law told me about the secretary position opening up at our church. I laughed and I told him that wasn't for me. That night I had a dream that I was applying for a job and I wasn't going to get it because a much more qualified person was applying. I left and a person followed me and said that the more qualified person couldn't take the position and asked if I wanted it. The next morning I told my brother-in-law the dream and he said he left out that a very qualified secretary was applying for the job. So I felt lead by the Lord to apply. And like in the dream that is what happened. I slowly learned typing and secretary skills and worked there for 12 years and that is where I met my wonderful husband!! What a blessing that job was. So now you have my story on typing. lol

  11. Oh, yes! Had typing my sophomore year...it was required! Parents bought me a small one for home, too. But I will have to admit I was never very good and hated it. Never could master corrections! Love the ease of today's computer keyboard!!

  12. I took keyboarding in school. I love typing.

  13. I took both in high school, Lois~ and can't do either one now! *haha*
    Oh, I type decent, but I make more mistakes than not!

  14. The second girl on the right is my grandma!! Where did you find the picture?!