Tooth Pain...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I have experienced a lot of pain in my life but I really truly 
think there is nothing like a toothache.  

I had a crown put on a tooth a week ago.
The tooth was fine.  There was NO pain in this tooth at all.
I broke a filling off and there was no way to fix the filling, so they had to put a crown on it.  

I have been in agony since the weekend.  
I truly understand how some people can go mad from pain.  LOL  


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  1. So sorry to hear you've been having tooth pain...and I do agree that there isn't anything much worse. Hope you get some relief very soon! Saying a prayer for you!

  2. So sorry about your tooth hurting. I have a dental appt this afternoon and I have a tooth that has been giving me twinges. YUCK!!

  3. Oh I agree...tooth pain is terrible. Have you contacted your dentist? Hope so! (Until you get back there, a little vanilla applied to the tooth might help.)

  4. Oh Lois, so sorry you have had such a toothache. I myself have never had one (the one thing on me that doesn't seem to be falling apart, haha, YET! anyway) but my sisters have had some HORRIBLE ones. In these cases I understand that the pain is coming from infection, and the only way to treat the pain is to get rid of the infection which is done through antibiotics. Your dentist should have called you in a prescription on Mon. I can't believe they have made you suffer all week like that you poor thing! In fact, in some of the cases I have heard that can't actually do anything for the tooth (root canal) until a course of antiobiotics is taken. I will pray whatever is they do they will get rid of your pain as quickly as possible. HUGS!

  5. I just had a root canal last month. There truly is nothing like tooth pain! I hope you get some relief and start feeling better soon!

  6. Hi Sweetie,
    So sorry about your tooth pain hon!
    Hope it is just something easy like your bite being off, hope it isn't
    in need of a root canal, course, I have to say might weren't bad at all.
    Cause you hear those stories ya know.
    Praying for you,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  7. Oh you're so right, Lois....nothing like tooth pain! I hope it gets better and they get you all fixed up! So sorry!


  8. So sorry to hear this, I will be praying for you.

  9. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I agree, nothing is worse than tooth pain or back pain!

  10. Oh my goodness - what are they going to do for you Lois?

  11. So sorry... I've been there. Broke an otherwise fine tooth, had a crown, spent weeks in pain. :( Feel better soon!