Rachael Ray Kitchen Scrapper...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This week's Tuesday's Question has to do with your kitchen.

"What is your favorite kitchen tool?"

NOT kitchen appliance, but TOOL.

For me, it's easy, a kitchen scrapper...

(Photo Credit:  Google Images)

My Colonel gave me this for Christmas and I love it. 
I've been wanting one for awhile and I really do use it almost daily...

(Photo Credit:  Google Images)

I asked this question yesterday on Walking on Sunshine's Facebook Page
and here are some of the answers:

Wooden spoon
Measuring cups

You get the idea.  Now it's YOUR turn.

Leave me a comment and let me know what YOUR favorite kitchen tool is.

Enjoy your day!  


  1. Cool new tool.
    I love my wooden spoons.
    Woolie Hugs

  2. I think I'm going to look into getting one of those. I have a kitchen scraper, but it's from the paint section of the hardware store. It works. But this one is prettier.

    My favorite kitchen tool(s) are my good knives. So nice to have a few really good knives!

  3. The apple corer...makes eating fruit easier!!

  4. Lois, I have the same scraper...wondering why on earth I'm not using. it. Thank you for the enudge to get it out of the drawer and put it front and center where it belongs. Hugs

  5. I think I have one of those somewhere Lois...I need to get it out and use it! (:>) Thanks for the reminder!!!!!!

    I have three light-weight mixing bowls with the rubber gripper rings on the bottom that I love. They are great! They have a little handle on one side and a pouring spout on the other.

    They are easy to store as they stack inside each other. I have heavy glass bowls and nice crockware...but these are my favorite!!! (:>)

  6. My favorite kitchen tool is my huge metal spoon that is perfect for stirring anything.

  7. I use my tongs the most often, but I also love my silicon brush for glazing meats or brushing biscuit tops...it just cleans up so much more easily than the older brushes. Your new tool looks like something I could use as well.

  8. What a nifty little gadget...I could definitely use one of those myself! My favorite kitchen tool is probably my nut chopper. You toss pecan or walnut halves in it and with a turn of the handle, they're all chopped up.

  9. I have this little tiny spatula. Seriously it probably cost a buck, but it is tiny and perfect to get all of the batter or anything else out of a dish.

  10. A paring knife is something I can't do without. A favorite tool? Don't know that I have one.

  11. My spatula/scraper combo. I use it daily and love it!!

  12. Vidalia Chopper. It dices so wonderfully!

  13. I recently got a scraper also. I love it and my wooden spoons!

    Cynthia at http://FeedingBig.com

  14. My Pampered Chef Medium Scoop is my favorite tool! Must have for cookie baking!

  15. Morning Lois,
    I had to really think about that!! lol Immediately, I thought of my magic bullet, but then you said no
    appliances..........so had to think about what I really liked using...
    so have to say I think it is my
    pampered chef scoop. It is great for making cookies, dumplings, meatballs.
    and I didn't just say that because the last person said it, it truly was my answer, it was a toss up with the mini spatula, I really like that too, cause when you cut
    a pc. of pie or cake, it comes out nicely just about every time.
    Well, there you have it..... I like
    my scraper too, but forget to use it...........

    Hope you have a great day hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

    and thanks for coming by last night
    and leaving your encouraging comments.