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Before you continue reading this week's Tuesday's Question post, 
please know that I love my mother-in-law...

"What was the WORSE gift you've 

ever received for Christmas?"

Our first Christmas as husband and wife, my mother-in-law gave me a ROBE.
But not just any ROBE.

This was a MU-MU.

A big maroon robe and WAIT...  
It gets better...

It had this zipper from the bottom of the robe up to the neck.

AND it was a SHORT robe.

That's right, it came right down to my knees.  

I really didn't know what to say.
I politely smiled and told her how lovely the robe was. 

And to make things even more uncomfortable,
my mother-in-law proudly told me that she 
bought the same one for herself!

Just what every NEWLYWED wants!

I asked the Colonel today's Tuesday Question
to see if he would know what the worse gift I've ever received was
and, of course, in true typical MAN-thinking,
he promptly said, "No."

I explained to him all about the robe and he started laughing
and told me that he didn't remember this at all!


I told him it was promptly exchanged for a lovely purse and umbrella!

And just for the record, my mother-in-law 
is really my husband's stepmother.  
My husband's mother passed away when he was only 20.

Phil's father remarried Virginia a year before the
Colonel and I were married.

She is a very lovely lady,
 who currently lives in Washington State,

Leave me a comment and let me know 

what YOUR 

worse Christmas gift has been!  


  1. ...but her friends DO own computers. lol

    This is the problem with being a mother in law. What on earth to give a daughter in law, although I must say that any short robe seems almost like an oxymoron!

    This is why Amazon gift cards were created. :-)

    So what's worse, giving someone something as impersonal as a gift card - or giving them something they may hate???? Your story is a good support for the gift card argument.

  2. MIL, who has been to our apartment plenty of times and has seen that I decorate the walls with black & white photography ONLY, gives me a painting she bought at auction. Tells me it was a charity auction so if I don't like the painting I should just stick it in the closet and not worry about it. Yeah...right... She asked about the painting CONSTANTLY and finally told her son to tell me that if I wasn't going to hang it up she'd take it back and give it to her daughter. Good grief...

  3. I don't think I ever received a worst Christmas gift. I will have to give that some thought. lol

  4. A $5 Blockbuster Video gift card. This was from a former boss!

  5. I truly can not think of anything. I start hinting early as to what I really want. So far it has worked even with the dils.

  6. I guess I am on the lucky list also. I havent received anything I dont like. Maybe some better than others of course but usually I find a use for it all. Isnt that what regifting is all about, lol... Have a very Merry Christmas. Hugs, LJ

  7. When I was a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 years old, my father's mother gave me a pair of heavy, clunky seamstress shears as my Christmas gift. Now as an adult, I'd love something like that...but as a little kid, to see the other cousins open fun toys and dolls, I sat with my scissors and was ready to cry. (She was a strange woman to say the least...)

  8. I can't remember a Christmas gift that was terrible, but when we got married somebody gave us a vase that looked like a clutch purse. We still laugh about it.
    Another present we got for our wedding that we laughed really hard about was a nice hardback copy of the US Constitution. It is a lovely copy and we have actually used it when we were in school, but it was pretty funny to open it.


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