Saturday, November 17, 2012

Here is a FUN activity to do with your family on Thanksgiving Day...Gingerbread Houses.
When we host Thanksgiving at our house, we take a break from eating
and have some FUN putting together Gingerbread Houses.
Nothing fancy, just FUN, using graham crackers, store-bought icing and tons of CANDY...

(Photo Credit: Google Images)

My Colonel (and my MOM) putting the houses together a few days before Thanksgiving...

Houses ready to decorate...

(Photo Credit: Google Images)

Get your candy ready...

(Photo Credit: Google Images)

Sometime after your Thanksgiving meal has been finished, have everyone gather
back around the table and start decorating the houses.
Before you start decorating, cover your pretty tablecloth with a plastic one.
You'll be happy you did...

Even grownups had fun decorating!

My nephew Davey, enjoyed eating the icing while decorating his house...

The completed houses...
(Gingerbread houses 2008)
Our houses from last Thanksgiving,  yes, one house collapsed...

Here are some GREAT houses I found on the Google...

Don't those look like FUN?

So why not start a new tradition with your family

 this year and

have a little fun at the same time!


  1. Great idea Lois, I especially like how you placed the goodies in the cupcake pan. It sure beats having them scattered all over the counters, (uhhmm guilty), This truly is a fun thing to do with family! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I don't recall ever making a gingerbread house or decorating one! Maybe I should do that with the family one of these days! It looks like fun Lois!

    Love, Linda

  3. This looks like so much fun for everyone!

  4. Lois, I love how you make this a family activity! The houses look beautiful and you family looks so happy!

  5. Love this idea, I am having a family over this year and this will be great to do! Thanks

  6. What a lovely idea, Lois! We made some last year when my family was over from the Philippines for Christmas. Lovely for family bonding too!

  7. What a Lovely idea!
    I may just have to start this with my family as well!
    Beautiful Family Lois!

  8. That look like a LOT of fun. sandie

  9. It looks like you all had good fun Lois. :) My mom used to make these with her elementary school classes each year. I always enjoyed volunteering in her classroom on those days! Lots of mess but lots of smiles and giggles too. :)

  10. This looks like so much fun! I tried to make these one time, but had trouble keeping the houses together. :)