Christmas Lights...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This week's Tuesday's Question has to do with CHRISTMAS!

"White lights or colored lights for your Christmas tree?"

Pretty colored lights...

(Photo Credit:  Google Images)

Simple, elegant white lights...

(Photo Credit:  Google Images)

Which do you prefer for YOUR Christmas tree?

Here at our house we go with the simple WHITE lights...

I finished decorating our tree yesterday. 
It's filled with mostly handmade ornaments from our children.
I love the simplicity of the tree and love looking at all the ornaments
and remembering when tiny little hands helped put them together.

Let me know what you have on your tree! 

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  1. Your tree is beautiful and I only use white lights too! Just seems more magical to me!
    Best wishes

  2. I love both the clear and the colored ones, SOooo...on my big tree I have clear, and on my smaller prim tree I use colored, the best of both worlds;)

  3. What a beautiful tree you have! We have white lights on our tree, too. I always enjoy pulling out the ornaments my girls have made over the years...makes my heart swell.

  4. Love your tree! It is very similar to mine. Lots of handmade ornaments, gifts over the years from family, friends and neighbors. Like you wouldn't have it any other way. Oh, and we go with white lights too. They are on a pre-lit fake tree now. I kind of think it would be fun to mix in some color lights too, but don't see me talking my hubby into that, haha. Enjoy your day!

  5. I prefer white lights on our bigger tree. Colored lights are on smaller trees. Your tree is beautiful! I need to get mine up soon. Have a great day!

  6. I've always loved the little tiny colored lights. In the Big City, I like to see the trees next to Orchestra Hall strung with little white lights.

    I think I like the colored lights because kids love colored lights - but I hate LED lights. They don't glow. They just sit there.

  7. We have colored lights. It is a pre-lit tree that was given to us and we love it! Lots of homemade ornaments and all different kinds.

  8. Ray always liked a big tree with colored bulbs. The first year without him I bought a smaller tree with white lights. I love the white lights but I miss our old tree and colored bulbs. Most of all I miss him.

    Love your tree!


  9. White! I was pretty obsessed with our tree looking classy, then I gave it a Rock-n-Roll theme....

  10. Your tree is decorated beautifully and I adore the white lights. How special to have hand-made ornaments of your children.