Sauce or Gravy?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This week's Tuesday's Question is an EASY and QUICK one!

I asked the same question on Walking on Sunshine's Facebook Page on Sunday.
There were some GREAT answers posted!
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For once and for all, we will get to the bottom of the following question...

"Do you call it Sauce or Gravy 
in your household?"

(Photo Credit:  Google Images)

I'm NOT talking about gravy for a roast.

I'm talking about the STUFF you put on top of spaghetti.
Or homemade raviolis...

Here in our household, we have ALWAYS called it SAUCE.

We love that beautiful thick tomato sauce that cooks all day long
and makes the house smell a little bit like heaven.

I always use my crock pot to cook my SAUCE...

A "few" jars of my sauce...

So what do YOU call it in YOUR household?

Let me know your answer!

And come back tomorrow for a GREAT recipe for Stuffed Shells...


  1. Sauce! And yours looks delicious!

  2. Hi Lois! Definitely sauce! I only ever make gravy from the juices of roast meat/chicken/turkey!
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Lois,
    Well, we call it sauce here too!
    those shells look might fine, I might add.....

    Hope you are having a delightful day hon,
    Hugs and Blessings,

  4. Definitely sauce. Gravy is for mashed potatoes. ;-)

  5. Dear Lois, I love that question!
    I remember as a little girl growing up my mother always said on Sunday morning, "I have to put up the sauce". By the time you came home from church the meatballs were ready and you had a meatball sandwich. Oh, you are so right, nothing makes the house more a home than the smell of the sauce cooking down all day. These are beautiful memories. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  6. You have a lot of jars of SAUCE!!!!!!

  7. That's kind of similar to the, "Do you call it lunch, or dinner?"
    Anything that goes on pasta is called "sauce", and anything that goes on potatoes is called "gravy". That's the way I remember it anyway.

  8. Gravy goes on mashed potatoes and sauce on pasta :)

  9. Gravy but only after you add meat to it :)

    <3 Nan