Hurricane Sandy...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We have been without power since Monday when the hurricane came through.
It was horrible.
The wind was so fierce and our house was shaking all night.

We knew something was going on with the roof, we just couldn't find out until morning.

Part of the shingles blew off and part of the siding.
We do have water damage inside our bedroom.
Also, on our back porch, the ceiling is coming down, but that shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Here is a photo of my Colonel and son trying to get a tarp nailed down to the roof
to keep the rain from doing any further damage...

I'm at the university where my hubby works tonight to shower and finally get on line.
The house is getting cold, about 50 degrees during the day.
We expect to be without power for another 2 - 3 days.

I hope you all are doing okay!
Let me know how you all are doing.

I'll try to be back as soon as the power returns.  


  1. cold, windy, snowy here but everyone is safe, thank God! our power was off for a while but Dave put in a house generator so heat and lights stayed on.

  2. Bless your heart, Lois~ but so glad you all are alright!
    We had lots of rain and strong winds, but all is well here.

  3. STay warm and safe , Lois. Can't imaging the cooking queen without power! What will you do? Be sure and share all of your surviaval cooking. Glad you are faring well. Love and hugs, Dawn

  4. Lois, Texans hold you all in our thoughts and prayers. We are familiar with hurricanes and can certainly sympathize with you. Many of us can't travel to help out there, so we send our money, utility workers, food trucks, etc. to help our fellow Americans in your time of trouble. Praying for you on the East Coast...

  5. Gosh I am so sad that you were one of the one affected or that anyone was affected at all. Prayers for all. sandie

  6. I am so sorry about the damage to your home but very thankful that you are all safe!

  7. Good Luck with getting your power back. I am in NJ and I know what you mean about the winds. I have never experienced anything like that.

    stay well!

  8. You've been on my mind Lois, stay safe!

  9. Oh goodness Lois, you have been in my thoughts and prayers...glad your safe!

  10. So thankful to know that you're alright, but so sorry to hear that you're without power and that your house sustained damage. You and your family are close in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Hi Lois,
    Been praying for you since I saw your Facebook update. So sorry you have to deal with this, but so thankful you're all ok.
    Continued prayers for you and all who have been impacted by the storm.
    Hugs and love,

  12. So glad to hear that you are all safe! Must be awful to be without power but you still have a home - we cannot begin to fathom the destruction of Sandy. In N. Ireland we get nothing as severe.
    God bless

  13. So glad to know that you are well. Roofs can be repaired. Hope that once that furnace kicked on, you got nice and warm to the core. You'll have to share your survival tips.

  14. Lois, I'm so glad that you're okay. Sandy was one angry lady. I hope that things are set right with you house very soon.

  15. I feel for you. We managed to keep power but friends all around us lost it and we've been trying to help them. What a horrific storm!

  16. I am so sorry. Praying for you.

  17. I hope that everything is back to normal now. Sandy caused a lot of damage to homes and properties. Many individuals suffered home wreckage. Anyway, how is your roof now? Were there any other damage aside from the blown-off shingles and siding? I hope you got it fixed right away to prevent the damage from worsening and becoming more costly to repair. [Willene Fagen]