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Garages and Storage...

Good Morning!

I have a fun question for YOU this week, well at least I think it's fun...

"Do YOU have a garage...
 AND can you park your car in the garage?"

For the past nine years we have been blessed with having a two car garage.
AND have been blessed with being able to PARK our cars in the garage!
I know a lot of people have garages but can't park their cars in them because
of all the extra stuff we accumulate.

Our first house had no garage and it never really mattered to either The Colonel or I,
we were just so happy to get out of our apartment in Queens.

When we moved to our second house, we were thrilled it had a garage!
Only it wasn't attached and was at the end of our driveway.
And even though we could get our car in the garage,
we just couldn't get OPEN THE CAR DOORS 
The garage was so small that we used it
 mostly for storing the kid's outside toys, our lawn mower and garden tools.

The Colonel and I spent most of Saturday cleaning our garage.
Nothing fancy, but it's organized...

I'm quite happy with this section because I finally have a spot for 
all my "extra" canned food...

And of course, what "Good Italian Wife" would I be without a second refrigerator...

YES, there is room for not one, but both of our cars.
Hubby's car is at work...

So, let me know if YOU have a garage and let me know WHAT you store or PARK in there! 


  1. Now that is some kind of beautiful organization! Currently, I am unable to park either car in the garage. However, it is our goal to get both cars back in the garage before snowfall. John uses one bay to store building materials and the other side as his "shop."

    I can't have an extra pantry in the garage or a refrigerator, though how nice that must be. It's just too cold in the late fall, winter, and early spring.

  2. One day my garage will look like that! Right now it is stacked high with boxes and bins and all our winter clothes. Also, we have our washer and dryer in the garage (California thing I guess) and hope to be adding a fridge/freezer in there as well.

  3. Morning lois,
    Well, this was the perfect question for me
    We have a 2 car garage and we used to park one car in it, as it just wasn't roomy enough for both, then our house flooded about 8 or 9 years ago, and we had to store a bunch of stuff out there as they we were redoing the house, and a long while afterwards
    we finally got it hoed out enough to get the car back in, and that lasted for a year or so, then we stored some things for my daughter out there when she moved back in and then later for my son
    when he moved back in, then we just
    got used to not having the car in there so it just sort of got junked up and has been driving me nuts, so yesterday
    I got busy because we bought a new used Van and wanted to get her in there right away, so we accomplished that by last night,
    so I am happy to say my garage looks much better,altho, it still needs more we will
    continue to work on it, as we bought shelving units to go out there, so it will be an ongoing project this fall, I am happy to say! lol
    and best of all Whitey our new Van
    looks happy out there! lol

    Hope you are enjoying Fall sweetie,
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Me Again,
    Also meant to tell you your garage looks awesome, and guess what think we have the same heavy duty shelves that you do, from Home DePot!! lol
    they are pretty sturdy...........
    and love how you have it all organized and looking great, that is what I am hoping for, and was delighted to see your pics as it gave me some thanks chickie!!

    Have a good one,

  5. We have a detached garage, it's my husband's workshop, holds the cars, the tractor, the lawn tractor, rototiller, go cart and then all the seasonal and gardening odds and ends. Wish it was heated, it would make storing other items out there easier, like extra canned goods!

  6. You have the best organized garage ever!
    We have a detached garage for one car and never park in it - too many bicycles, gardening equipment toys etc!
    Best wishes

  7. Good morning! Your garage looks just wonderful. I feel like my life is always being described with how it was for 25 years at our last house, and the one we have been in for the last two years. : ) We had a triple car garage in our old house, and yet hardly ever parked a car in there! It was attached to the house. We used it as an extra "play/recreational" area. We had a big pool table in there, an old couch and chair and TV, big area rug, and lots and lots of shelves similar to yours for storage and supplies. It was also "home" for our assortment of cats over the years, haha. It also housed my second refrig., my washer, dryer, clothes line and huge wash sink. I LOVED LOVED LOVED our garage. The new house? NO GARAGE!! We have a storage shed (WAY too small btw!)and a LONG covered car port. Our washer and dryer are in a nice inside utility room. I miss that old garage BIG time. There was always a place to stick something, store something, or send noisy kids to, lol. Can't tell you how many teenagers over the years hung out in our garage! But at least now I am forced to get rid of things, and keep it simple. Good question! Enjoy your day!

  8. We have a two-car gargage and my vehicle is the only one that will fit. The other side is devoted to storing my hubby's riding lawn mower, golf clubs, wheelbarrow...and lots of other "stuff". Hmm...I think it's time to do some cleaning out! ;)

  9. We have a garage, but it is all the way in the back of our lot at the end of our curved driveway. It really is more of a shop for the Hubby!

  10. Your cleaned out garage looks great and so organized!
    Our house has a one-car attached garage. I love I can walk right into the house with groceries, etc from the garage. But it is also FULL of totes much like the ones I see on your shelves. It could use a good cleaning and needs to be reorganized, too. I keep my car in there, hubby has to park his truck outside. We've talked about building a bigger, separate garage and turning this one into another room. But we need to decide if we're staying here first. That is a big decision.

  11. I had a beautiful two car garage with storage on both sides. Sadly I lost that when I sold my home and moved here to be near my daughter.

  12. We can't park anything in our garage. We have tried over and over to arrange stuff in the garage, but there is just too much stuff and never enough time to sort and sell off things.We have fit two cars in it before, but I am not sure we could do it now.Inheriting most of my grandmother's things have made it worse. We have two very full storage sheds as well. I wish I had more time, but I am working on my bedroom right now and I have to say it is coming along really well.

  13. Nope, we've never been lucky to have garages in any of the base housing we've lived. It's one of the things I am really looking forward to when we retire next year :)

  14. we have a large 2 care garage, that we sometimes have one car in. We have all the kids stuff, second fridge, recycling, storage, yard tools, hubby's work shop. I grew up in MI, where everyone had garages. It wasn't until hubby and I moved to NC that I discovered a garage was a luxury - as are basements. Yours is so pretty!

  15. 2 in 1 garage. I like that. I thought only cars can sleep in the garage. LOL. By the way, Very wonderful ideas. Thanks for posting.

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  16. No garage but a double carport and yes, the car and truck are there. This is something that has always made me question people, a garage but the cars are outside, why not buy a storage shed and use the garage for the cars. Most people use it for storage I know and it is a mess. Kudos to you for your hard work and it looks great! I am sure you feel a great sense of accomplishment, as you should. Enjoy your new storage and covered cars when the winter hits!

  17. We do have a garage and we parked our car in there everyday until this summer. My hubby make a ceramic shop in it. So both cars are in the cement driveway and we can reach them through the garage :)

  18. a few years back I used to take for granted storage.... just parking the car in my fathers barn, sometimes I go so far as to cover it with a tarp. But I learned the hard way as corrosion got the underbelly pretty bad and had a mouse problem in the interior...all in the same winter! found this to help also...

    Jon D.


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