Tuesday, October 16, 2012

 I went for my test yesterday and all went well.
Since I had pre-scheduled yesterday's post, I didn't get to tell you all that on 
Sunday I woke up with the same symptoms and ended up in the ER AGAIN.

Yes, that's 4 times this year.

The thing I was most worried with the endocsope was the anesthesia
and it really was NOT a problem.
I really just went to sleep immediately and then woke up.

I really wish they would have let me go back to sleep, but no I had to get up and get dressed.

The doctor didn't find anything wrong with my stomach except a build up of acid.
He thinks the acid is slowly building up in my stomach and then causing 
the horrible vomiting and terrible pains every few months.

I start a new medicine today to help reduce the acid.
 I really hope this is the end of my stomach problems. 

Thank you all so much for your comments here and on Facebook.
It really has meant so much to me knowing you were praying.

Now, on to something exciting!
Our Foodie Friends Friday group has created a new online magazine...

I am a regular contributor and will be blogging there 
as well as here on Walking on Sunshine.

Please head over and take a look around and see the GREAT articles
we are putting together and RECIPES too!  


  1. I am glad that you came through the test OK and I hope the med works for you.

  2. Glad to hear that your test went well. I hope the new meds take care of the problem for you.
    I need to check out your online magazine as I am already wondering "what's for dinner?"

  3. Glad the test went well and the report was good. Hope the new med fixes you right up!!

  4. Very happy that that is all over with and that you have new medicine to help. It must have been scary, though, to wind up in the ER again. Blessings to you...

  5. Hi Lois!
    That is good news that the test was clear for the main part.
    I hope your new meds are effective.

  6. Glad to know that the test went smoothly and that your tummy issues are subsiding.

  7. Oh Lois, I do pray your new meds work for you! *HUGS*

  8. I hope you are feeling on top of the world today!

  9. Lois, sorry to hear of your tummy troubles - rough stuff - praying your new meds will be the cure!

  10. Oh goodness...surely hope you're going to do better with the new meds!

  11. Hi Hon,
    sorry to hear you had to have an endoscope done, but glad it went well. Am praying the medicine they give you will take care of the problem, they have some things today that are like modern day miracles.
    Hope you are feeling better already.
    blessings, Nellie

  12. Dear Lois, I am sorry that you were not feeling well.
    I am thrilled though that everything turned out good for you. That is a relief.
    I will continue to keep you in my prayers that you will stay feeling wonderful! Blessings my dear friend, Catherine xoxoxo