Skirt Steak and Homemade Biscuits...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good Morning!

Well it seems that practicing football in the pouring rain for over three
hours the other night CAN make someone sick.

Yes, my football player came home from school yesterday not 
feeling well and is home today.  

I wanted to share with you the giveaway for our
Foodie Friends Friday Linky Party...

Start thinking about what YOU want to bring to our party!

I'm off to catch up on all YOUR wonderful blogs!

On the menu at our house tonight...

Steak, which Michael requested.
I hope he's up to eating dinner.
Recipe HERE...

Ricotta Filled Tomatoes, because my garden is still producing them.
Recipe HERE...

(Photo from The Pioneer Woman)

And I'm in the mood for Homemade Biscuits.
Recipe HERE...

Let me know what YOU'RE 
having for dinner tonight!

Enjoy your day! 


  1. That's just it. I never know from one day to the next what's happening for supper, unless we're having leftovers. No leftovers today so I'll have to come up with something good.

  2. Delicious dinner. Skirt steak is a favorite in my house, yours looks so good! I definitely have to try the ricotta tomatoes.

  3. Hope your son gets to feeling better pronto!

    Supper at your house looks so good!

  4. Hope your son feels better daughter missed 4 days of school due to bronchitis. Not fun. Boy, do those fluffy biscuits ever look good!

  5. Hope you son feels better soon. I'm fortunate tonight; we are going out to eat!

  6. I have no idea what I will have for supper. I wish I had a personal chef. :-)

  7. That looked really good Lois - we had pasta and meatballs! lol

  8. This looked so good I could eat the photo!