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Yesterday on Walking on Sunshine's Facebook page we were discussing the dreaded word...


I made the confession of forgetting to wash Michael's football uniform 
over the weekend and not wanting to make the drive down to the high school
in the afternoon with a clean uniform for practice.

He has practice every day after classes till around 6:30.

So I did what every other Mom thinks of doing...

I sprayed his uniform with Febreeze 
and put it in his football bag.

Later in the day I mentioned on FACEBOOK how wonderful I felt knowing all the laundry
in our house was done and folded UNTIL I walked into Michael's room to 
place his clean clothes on his "neatly" made bed.
 I stopped and noticed DIRTY clothes covering the floor of his room.

That never happens.
He's always so good about putting his clothes in the hamper.

So I posted this photo...

And then a few hours later, Michael came home school/football practice...

He had a huge smile on his face as he pulled his uniform out of his football bag.
He said practice was GREAT.

Did I mention it was raining most of the afternoon yesterday?
And not just a normal rain, NO it was pouring like I have not seen in ages.

And he practice for 3 hours in the pouring rain on a muddy field.

So at 7:00 last night the washing machine went BACK to work because I knew
he needed those pants today and Febreeze was NOT going to work this time.
But bleach did...

And yes, this photo pretty much sums up how I felt about laundry last night...

My son, Michael, on his first day of school over a week ago...

And on the bus in his CLEAN uniform...

On the menu at our house tonight:

Chicken Cutlets Italian Style, recipe HERE...

Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes, recipe HERE...

Enjoy your day!  


  1. Laundry is just never ending. I feel like I do it all, and have this great sense of accomplishment and then I turn around and there's a basket full again. UGH.

  2. I don't mind washing the's the folding, sorting, and putting away that drives me crazy. Not to mention the unmatched socks.

  3. Sons do create a lot of laundry, don't they? Suppose they're worth it? =D

  4. Your son is so handsome! I'm sure he's grateful to his brilliant Mom that got those football pants white again!

  5. I never seem to get on top of our laundry! My husband is the main culprit. He'll get up and go to the gym or run, come back and take a shower, then later decide he needs to mow the grass. Do you see where this is going? ;)

  6. Hi Lois,
    what?? No Tuesdays question??
    I am bummed...............

    Your laundry post was cute, I was
    thinking you were gonna say he came home and someone teased him about what you put on facebook, and he was not to

    So how are you hon?? Doing well I hope........I have been taking down
    on my Coastal stuff cause I really am anxious to decorate for Fall.
    Need something to make me think it is cooler out!~! lol

    Have a good day hon,

    Blessings, nellie

  7. Your son is a very nice looking young man!! My old high school logo was the Bombers.

    I still remember my favorite cheer. Hey, Hey, what do you say? Bombers take that ball away."

    Thanks for the memory.

  8. Good morning! Oh Lois have I ever been there done that, haha...with 3 sons who all played sports it was a never ever ending chore. But soo worth every minute as I am sure you know...such fun times. I miss it believe it or not. Hope I have a good day! HUGS

  9. Yes we moms all love laundry!!
    You did a first class job cleaning Michael's kit!
    Best wishes

  10. It's just the two of us and yet, we have a lot of laundry, too! Great photo of his first day back to school! Wishing his team a great season.

  11. Lois that is just how it is there is always something I love your idea that is to funny. Your recipes sound great I am off to check them out. I liked you on FB. I hope you will like me back on FB. Have a great day! Hugs

  12. I am pretty sure that is why they have to make those football pants white, bleach it the ONLY thing going to get them clean again. My brother played baseball and his pants were grey, eventually my mom gave up and they were just dirty....

  13. Now that it is just the two of us, it it's a little longer than 12 seconds when all the laundry is's about 15 seconds now!! ha!ha!

  14. Laundry with 4 kids and the two of us is never-ending! I love it when I get into the mood to do laundry......but by the time it's washed and laundry mood goes away, lol.

  15. Laundry is one job that never gets done - unless everyone is nude! lol
    There is always laundry.

  16. Laundry laundry!
    Where does it all come from..
    Great job mom!
    You have a very handsome son.

  17. Lois,

    In July, I inherited two newphews 21 and 18, respectively and no they are not brothers; cousins. Neither knows how to do laundry and so items have piled up and mildewed in the basement. YUK!!! I am trying to sort through and clean everything up but what a mess.
    Michael is turning into quite the young man. How much longer does he have to wear his braces? And I bet you keep close eyes on him especially where girls are concerned.



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