Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This week's Tuesday's Question is a FUN one...

"Where is your favorite place to vacation?"

One of my favorite places to go on vacation is to Lancaster, PA...

Better known as Amish Country...

But I also love the ocean.
We haven't been in a few years, but we love Myrtle Beach...

The Colonel and Michael on the balcony of our hotel room four years ago...

Last year we went to Florida to take our girl, Olivia, to college...

But that really wasn't much of a vacation as my heart
was practically ripped from my chest leaving my girl so far away.

This summer we weren't able to get away AGAIN as a family due to The Colonel and his Army
commitments, not to mention, Michael's football schedule...

However, while you have been reading this post you should know...

The Colonel and I did manage to get away for a few days
to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

I'll be back on Thursday!

Don't forget to let me know WHERE you like to vacation!  

Enjoy your day!  


  1. Morning Lois! Well as you're asking, Amish country is absolutely my favorite place to vacation - throw in the primitive stores that are plentiful and I'm a happy camper!
    Congrats on 25 years together! You both look so happy!

  2. Our family trip to the beach at Jekyll Island every year is my favorite. But there are many places I would love to go if I could just get Hubby interested! ha!ha!

  3. Oh my favorite place for sure is the beach which is funny considering I live close enough to go anytime I want...but it is just soo hard to beat. Enjoy your time away, and congrats on 25 years! You two look soo good!

  4. Beautiful picture of you and the Colonel. I'm so glad you were able to get away for a bit. Enjoy every moment!

  5. Morning Lois,
    I hope you are having the time of your life where ever you are this morning, I am thinking it must be near the beach! lol
    Happy 25th Anniversary, that is great, love hearing of couples who have been married a long time and still have great smiles on their faces. That is a great testimony!!

    Well, our favorite places to vacation are the beach and the mountains. We had not been to the mountains in a long long time, so the Lord sent us there this year,
    the time before we went to a condo at the beach, both were great, very relaxing vacations, which is just the way we like it............

    Have fun!
    blessings, Nellie

  6. It's a toss up between the coast or the mountains!

  7. I love visiting the Amish country here in Arthur Illinois. I love the shops and restaurants. Awesome.

    That is a beautiful pic of you and the colonel for your 25th anniversary.

  8. Definitely Amish Country! I love Lancaster, but I especially love going to Holmes County, OH :)

  9. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be Branson MO. Not for the touristy stuff, but for the scenery, the peacefulness we find there, and just relaxing in our favorite condo which is our home away from home. Or so it seems as we've stayed there so often.
    Great photo of you and your colonel! Congrats on your 25 years!!

  10. Since we live in Kansas, we like a quick trip to Branson, Mo. We like the pretty scenery, the shows, and Silver Dollar City. It is a good family place to vacation with kids and grandkids.

    But I love to go to see the ocean too, since I grew up in Southern Calif. by the beach, it is one of my favorite places...especially since I have lived in the plains now for over 30 years, I miss the ocean!

    I am so glad you had a nice getaway! Again, Happy Anniversary! 25 years is an accomplishment!

    Love, Linda

  11. I would to travel through the Amish country...there way of life fascinates me. For me, it's the beach or the mountains..

  12. We love to go to the Oregon coast and the redwoods. There are a lot of beautiful places in Oregon to go.

  13. Oh wonderful! So glad that you eked out some time...

    Mostly a staycation kind of gal here, though I do enjoy time spent at the family cottage in Canada.

  14. I love the beach in fall.

    So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU! Have fun wherever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, sandie

  15. My most favorite vacation place is Maine! Love it there!!

  16. We just had our 26th :) I love going places I've never been before...but as far as places we've gone over and over, Aspen rates high up there!

  17. Happy Anniversary Lois and Colonel! I hope you had a wonderful, refreshing time! It's so good to get away and celebrate such a milestone!
    I love the beach, mountains, PA, Hawaii, CA, etc! Love them all!

  18. Most definitely the mountains for me and if it's in a log cabin, all the better! :)

    Have fun on your trip and blessings for many more happy years together for you and the Colonel! :)


  19. Vacations are magical I hope you had a fantastic one and travel blessings as you make your way home on Thursday. I have been to Florida once and we went to Disney World it was fun. Have a wonderful day. Hugs

  20. I love Disneyland and London but since both are expensive, I haven't been in a while. :) I took my two-week-old daughter to Disneyland where they actually let me take her on a lot of the rides.

  21. Happy Anniversary!!
    I love to go anywhere as long as I am with my Love..
    But I do love the mountains.
    I love all the recipes you share.
    Have a great weekend.

  22. I have always wanted to go to the Amish country. I am very fascinated by them and would even love to spend some time living in their world to see what it was like.

    My favorite place in the world is the mountains. I always feel peace and serenity there.

    I love ocean too, but it doesn't do my heart quite as good as the mountains do!