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Canning Tomatoes...

This week's Tuesday's Question came to me yesterday while I was 
working in my kitchen with tomatoes from our garden...

"Do you can any summer vegetables or fruits?"

This was ME yesterday...

The Colonel and I planted our first garden in 2000 in the backyard of our house in Paterson, NJ.
We did very well.
And I wanted to "can" my tomatoes but had no clue where to begin.

I sent an email to my cousin Traciene asking her for instructions.
We spent quite some time going back and forth when she finally sent me an email saying...

"Just get in the car and make the drive to Ohio."

The Colonel and I did just that.
We packed the kids up and made the trip to Ohio.

Michael and Olivia at my cousin's house...

Traciene and I spent a "few" hours in her Italian kitchen in the basement
where she taught me how to can tomatoes... 

The following summer I canned the tomatoes we grew in our backyard.
And I was so happy.
I also canned fruit and made jam to give as gifts that year for Christmas.

 I'm happy to say that after a few years of NOT having a garden, 
the Colonel and I planted one this spring and have been enjoying our harvest...

And of course tomatoes...

This is what I have on my counter this morning...

I still have tomatoes ripening in the garden and hope to add 
a few more jars to my pantry in a few weeks. 

Thank you TRACIENE for showing me something I hope 
to do for many years to come.

My cousin Traciene, her hubby, Wayne, and me in her Italian kitchen...

Don't forget to leave a comment and answer this week's question...

"Do you can any summer fruits or vegetables?"

Enjoy your day! 


  1. Great job on your garden and canning! Last year, I canned apple pie filling and apple butter. I'm an on and off again canner. :)

  2. Your cousin sounds like such a kindhearted gal. It's wonderful to have someone show you the ropes, especially with canning. Enjoy the harvest!

  3. No garden for us this year but have one planned for next year. I love to gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you can grow your own food and put it up for later use.

  4. Good job! I have made jam MANY times (though not in the last few years) but I have never canned veggies. I have always wanted to know how, but have never done it. I guess at this point in my life, I probably never will. But I definitely admire those who do! : ) Have a wonderful day Lois!

  5. Your canning looks beautiful..It has been many years since I canned or made jams and jellies. I do miss those days.

  6. Great job! You've an abundant harvest this year too!
    I don't can anything - my parents have so much they share it out!
    Best wishes

  7. No, I don't can anymore, but I used to! I canned and also froze many things, too. We just don't have any luck with gardening in recent years due to either the weather or deer. I'm not sure why we keep trying, but we do! I was thrilled that we harvested the only watermelon that made it the other day and it was very large and very good!

  8. Lets see, we can salsa, 20 quarts at a time, we can jam, and tomato sauce. We have made pickles in the past, canned chili and tomatoes. I didn't can up until I met my husband. He has been a wonderful inspiration :)

  9. good for you!! your canned foods look absolutely fabulous!! right now I cannot even find another recipe for tomatoes and zucchini and cucumbers, we eat them every night. good for you! I need to can.

  10. I freeze fruits and vegs. I have made peach jam in the past, but it has been a while. I do love the colors in the pretty!

  11. My granny used to can all the time, but I've never tried it. Would sure love to give it a go, though!

  12. Hi Lois,
    You did a great job there and everything looks yummy.
    Have to say I have never done any canning. I have put blueberries and strawberries in ziploc bags for later when they aren't in season, and made
    spaghetti sauce and put it in jars to be used in the nearby future, but that is as close as I got to canning. lol I actually wouldn't mind trying it if I had someone to teach me like you did.

    Have never had a garden either, only herbs................
    cause we are so close to the woods something eats everything, at least flower wise!! lol

    Hope you are doing well hon,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  13. I so admire folks who do canning! Grandma did a lot when I was young. Nothing tastes better than summer's bounty on a winter's night!

  14. Look at those gorgeous canned goods!

    Nothing in this world beats garden canned tomatoes and tomato juices - no store bought can could ever compete. :)

    We ate and shared my little bounty from the raised gardens I tended this year. I usually can tomatoes and kraut, sometimes pickles. My grandmothers always canned everything.

  15. Looks great, and such a great looking harvest! I need a garden again next year. I've only canned jams.

  16. We have a yearly ritual of making "Sweet tomato relish" as my family calls it GREEN GOLD. It is wonderful on hotdogs, burgers, in tuna salad, chicken salad or any other salad. It is wonderful in beans and corn bread. You hot pack it in jars and it last for a long time. We can't live without it.

  17. I have learned to can a lot of things over the first simple things like pickles, tomatoes, sauce and salsa, but jams, jellies, pie fillings and applesauce later on. I have been lining my counters with tomatoes lately, I should be canning by the weekend or early next week myself. :)

  18. You look good canning, Lois! :)

    I'm learning! I wish our tomatoes had turned out to can! Will have to buy some if I am to can any!

    I'm going to do some bread and butter pickles with all our cucumbers I think!


  19. I don't can - but I love it when I see it and how great it looks to have the shelves filled. sandie

  20. We only grew tomatoes this year.
    You have quite a nice bounty. Everything looks delish!
    I hope you had a great anniversary!

  21. I use to can jam with my mom as a kid, but I haven't canned in years. I tried to do it once when I was pregnant with my little girl, but I ended up dropping an entire batch on myself and the floor, which I ended up crying in, because, well I was pregnant. I haven't done it since. :)

  22. Wow, girl~ you have been busy! Your canned goods look wonderful, and isn't it nice to learn from a pro like Traciene? It makes the process less stressful to feel confident in what you're doing.
    I always can my green beans, but we didn't have any luck with them this year with the drought. Maybe next year!


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