Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This week's Tuesday's Question is a question YOU all have been
secretly wishing I would ask.

You just never thought I would.

For once and for all we are finally going to settle the long standing debate
that I know has been going on in many households...

"Toilet seat up or down?"

Please let me know YOUR preference and then also let me 
know what really goes on in your bathrooms.

This is how the "men" in our household leave the toilet seat.

AND this is the way the "girls" in our household leave the toilet seat.
BOTH the seat and lid DOWN...

So, let me know how things are at YOUR house.

"UP or DOWN?"

And just to make you laugh a little more...

I do think this will happen to me one day...

AND finally, to prove my point, this has
been an argument between men and women 
since the beginning of toilets...

Don't worry, I'm NOT going to ask 
this question next week...


  1. In my house the man must have been taught as a child to put the seat down (raised with a sister).....He does really good!

  2. Seat down for us...mostly to keep kids and cat out of it.... Js parents keep it up. Drives me batty

  3. Seat always down, lid usually up. Love the cartoons!

  4. Funny post. I leave the lid up during the day when I am alone. If I know I have company coming I hurry and put it down. LOL

  5. seat down.. dogs will drink out of it otherwise!

  6. This is hysterical, Lois!
    I'm just happy if the seat is down, so I don't complain about whether or not the lid is down too. :)
    But my hubby knows the paper has to roll my way (B) or I get upset. *haha*

  7. At our's the seat down (big no-no to leave that up) but the lid up. Joy already has Luke trained! lol!


  8. Morning Lois,
    You are so funny! Seat is always down, lid? sometimes up sometimes down.............
    and the tp issue, we go with plan B,
    occassionally plan A, but not as much as we used to, thank goodness! lol

    Hope you are have a great week hon,
    and put that lid down! lol
    Blessings, Nellie

  9. and by the way..........the jokes were quite funny. Love the lady
    that is stuck in there with here big furry slippers sticking up, now that is what happens when the seat is up,
    for sure!! lol

    bye now,

  10. B on the toilet paper and down for the toilet seat. I only have my husband in the house now so he is good about putting it down. I grew up with two brothers and fell into the toilet a few times not checking things out before hand. LOL! Have a great week! hugs

  11. Hi Lois - it's the same in our house, I'm afraid and I hate the lid not down.
    But the toilet roll has to be outward!

  12. Has to be seat down! You should have asked the toilet paper question.. that is a debate in my house as well. I'm just happy if there is a roll there and a spare one close by!

  13. Oh too funny.
    Lid up seat down.
    I know lid should be down but ..

  14. I really don't care as long as the ring is down. And I have to weigh in on the question you're NOT going to ask: I used to always put toilet paper on so that it came off the front of the roll, until my daughter-in-law showed me that when I do that, it's perfect for the toddlers to stand there and unroll the entire thing! If you do it the other way, they can hit the roll all they want and you won't end up with stacks of toilet paper on the floor. :-)

  15. We have two toilets...he uses one so the seat on it stays up mostly. I use the other and the seat stays down all the time. Lids always up!

  16. I have the Mr. trained to leave everything down - our cats were drinking out of the toilet!!!!!

  17. We have 4 toilets and they are all left in different positions and i seem to go around and put them in the right (my way) position! Lids down. LOL

  18. I have 3 boys and a husband. Being the only female in the house I determined early on, that the paper rolls over the top and that both lid and seat are put DOWN when anyone is done using the toilet. Since I taught them this from birth, everyone complies. haha it is funny, if someone visits our home and leaves the seat up, even the guys will say "OK who left the seat up?"

  19. I'm outnumbered in this house so the lid is always left up. I do insist the seat be down though. And just for the record the toilet paper roll needs to have the paper coming over the top not from underneath! That would make me crazy the other way! LOL

  20. Over. I have a well trained man who always puts both the seat and the lid down. Now if I could get the grands trained...

  21. I would love to say to toilet seat is always down but sadly i cant. My boys always leave the toilet up.
    I can relate to the picture where the women has fallen down the toilet lol not a pretty site.