See How My Garden Grows...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This is the first garden the Colonel and I have grown in three years. 
I shared pictures of what it looked like at the beginning of spring
a few weeks ago, which you can read HERE.

I've enjoyed the time spent weeding and tilling the soil and watering.
We've worked really hard over the last few months
 and we're beginning to enjoy all the work.

Did you know that there are male and female flowers that form on the plants?
And the pumpkin grows from a female plant.
If you don't have bees doing the "work," you can go out early in the morning
when the flowers are open and help nature out...thankfully we haven't had to do that!

Do you see the new ones coming?
I accidentally purchased "pickling" cucumber plants.
Does anyone have a good recipe to pickle them?  

Zucchini and Summer Squash...


There is something about fresh
lettuce that I love!

I find the time I spend in the garden very relaxing. 
A few weeks ago while I was weeding, the following song came to me...

"And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own;
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known."

It's a beautiful hymn with a beautiful promise and fills me 
with peace when I'm troubled over things.

Come back tomorrow for a recipe using some of our vegies!  

Please head over to Blondee's Blog
to read about a little girl 
taken from this world by an evil man.
There's a petition to sign as well.

Thank you!  


  1. Do you see me smiling Lois? As one gardener to another your veggies look wonderful! I too sing and pray while in the garden. I enjoy the pickling cukes in my salads. I am not the best pickle maker, but have been known to make some pretty good relish! The recipes I use are in the Ball canning book. looking forward to some recipes with these goodies.

    I will visit Blondee's blog.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Glad your garden is doing so well!

  3. Everything looks wonderful! Great job!

  4. Your garden is looking great! We are eating zucchini too, almost daily, lol! Have a great day & stay cool;)

  5. Your garden is growing beautifully!

  6. Beautiful garden and a beautiful hymn, Lois!


  7. What a beautiful bounty!! I am growing basil and cucumber for my first attempt at backyard gardening. Doing well so far! :) Next I will try lettuce!

  8. Your garden is wonderful, so well tended. In the Garden is one of my favorite hymns too!

  9. Your garden is doing so well! Everything looks delicious, looking forward to your harvest and seeing what you do with all your bounty :)

  10. I love that hymn also and I am glad that your garden is doing so well.
    You are truly blessed with a great bounty. Enjoy
    Will go to Blondee's also

  11. Looking at your beautiful vegetables makes me wish I had planted a garden, but then I remember how much I hated it as a child. :)

  12. Your garden looks gorgeous. Our garden is suffering from no rain. We water it daily, but it's just not the same. Water keeps the garden alive, but the rain makes it grow.

  13. What a bountiful garden!! Here, our gardens are just drying up. So sad. I am watering some, but my heirloom tomato plants' leaves are twisting.. which apparently is not good :( 107 today.. we're cookin' and praying for cooling temps and rain. Enjoy some of that produce for me! ;) -Tammy

  14. Thank you so much for linking Lauren's anniversary post. I appreciate it very much. :)

    Your garden looks incredible! I used to can dill pickles every summer, but now can more tomatoes, salsa, sauce, etc. I need all the jars for my tomato adventures! :)

  15. your garden is fabulous! I love lime pickles...easy, taste great and, relatively, fast.

  16. Oh, Lois~ your garden looks so beautiful! I'd be pickin' those tomatoes and fryin' those babies up! :)
    I love that old hymn~ one of my favorites!

  17. I think those are near perfect veggies! Very nice :)

  18. Your garden looks wonderful! The veggies are growing so nicely. Ours is barely hanging on, but the cucumber I picked was bitter. That's what the heat will do to them. My tomatoes are doing fairly well, but are small. Looking forward to your veggie recipes!

  19. Your garden is beautiful! I planted a pumpkin vine from Mary's pumpkin seeds she had last year. Yesterday I have seen it's first female pumpkin. I did have bees on it but I also helped nature along too. I can't wait to see how big it is going to get :)

  20. Pumpkins and pickling cucumbers all sound fine to me.

    How much space do you need to raise pumpkins?

    My mother made some wonderful Lady Ashburnham's from overripe cucumbers should you get any of those. The recipe is in my sidebar in the recipe section.