Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This week's Tuesday's Question came to me after reading 
the comments on a photo from LAST week.

I posted the following photo showing how I was using 
a pair of old pantyhose...

A few of you commented that you DON'T wear pantyhose anymore.

So that prompted my question today...

"Do you wear pantyhose?"

The answer for me is...


When I am wearing a skirt or dress I almost always have 
a pair of pantyhose on, otherwise everyone will see that 
my legs look like the skin of the turkey on Thanksgiving Day BEFORE you cook it...

I have the whitest legs that show every vein possible.

So I enjoy wearing pantyhose...

But I know a lot of people don't enjoy wearing them anymore or the 
lengths we go through to get them clean...

I know we DON'T enjoy when this happens...

So I thought I would share with you some OTHER USES for pantyhose.

Put the pantyhose over the end of a vacuum cleaner when you are 
trying to find something small...

Protect growing pumpkins...

Store your garlic...

However, I really do enjoy them for what they were originally created for,
making my legs look pretty...

So let's see how many of you agree with me and
let me know YOUR answer to this week's Tuesday's Question...

"Do YOU wear pantyhose?"

Please don't tell me I'm alone!  

Enjoy your day! 


  1. Morning Lois,
    Actually, I do wear them sometimes,
    more in the winter, but this summer I have worn them a few times when dressed up for church. I have to say
    for awhile it was hard to find them.
    Am so happy that Princess Katherine is bringing them back into style.
    For about the past 3-4 years
    Strappy sandals and heels have been the big thing here in Florida, so you really stuck out like a sore thumb wearing pantyhose here in the summer, but have to say they are easier, as you don't have to worry about having a tan or your feet in great shape and your toes painted all the time, but then again, they are hot hot hot! and I usually have a tan on my legs anyway, cause I wear shorts in the summer. lol
    That was a great idea about putting the hose over the vacuum cleaner.
    Never would have thought of that. can't wait to have to find something!! lol

    Hope you have a good day, and what a fun question.........will have to come back later and see what others have to say.
    Have a fun day!
    Thanks for coming by yesterday and for your sweet comments as always hon
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. I hate panythose. As a licensed hairdresser, when I worked in my first salon state law required they be worn with skirts/skorts/dresses/shorts or in place of socks with pants of any sort. I cannot tell you how warm it is already in a salon full of running hair dryers in the middle of summer then to have to wear a smock on top of that to protect your clothing and pantyhose to boot. Miserable. To this day, I will not wear them. I love to wear textured tights in the cooler months with my winter skirts and dresses, but no pantyhose.

  3. I just bet my legs are worse than yours! they only EVER come out on holiday, otherwise they are permanently in tights (as we call them in the UK). I don't where jeans or trousers much so i get through so many, especially being the calamity i am!

  4. No, I do not wear pantyhose anymore! Ok, maybe in Winter, on occasion, but I avoid them when ever possible.

    Remember it when it was a rule, that we had to wear them during worship, I almost cried real tears?

    I find them sticky and uncomfortable and I especially don't miss sticking my finger through my new pair.

    HA! Good question Lois!

  5. I HATE panty hose and only wear them when I really have to. LOL

  6. well...I on't! In the winter I use trousers....


  7. Yes if I am wearing a skirt or a dress I always wear pantyhose. Good question!

  8. Uhhh....nope! I don't wear pantyhose. On the rarest of occasions I will wear tight in the winter. I can honestly say I never really liked pantyhose. Glad to know someone does....LOL!

  9. I haven't worn it since I married my husband. :) I figure if he doesn't mind my legs, why go through the discomfort. :)

  10. well i do but only to go to church its decent the post thanks!

  11. NO! NO! Panty hose are too hot to wear but they are perfect for tying up tomato plants. After I retired from working I went into a no dress mode. lol

  12. I never wear dresses so I don't use them anymore. Here's something I use my old pantyhose for....I place a bar of soap in a piece of pantyhose and tie it to any plant I want to keep the deer away from. They hate the scent of perfume almost as much as I hate them chewing on my plants!

  13. Can't stand them! I find them so uncomfortable and binding. I also find them unbearably hot in warm/hot months. I don't care what my legs look like, my comfort is more important. I will use some tinted moisturizer to add a little color to my legs, but they are still very white. I do wear tights during the extremely cold months, but that's it. No to panty hose!

  14. I wear them. Like you, I'm not a fan of bare, white legs. Besides, I was raised in a generation that was taught that bare legs are not work appropriate! I sometimes bend this rule if wearing ankle length skirts in summertime but, otherwise, if I'm in a dress or skirt at work, I'm in pantyhose (or tights in wintertime) too.

  15. I wear them in the winter, but not usually in the summer.
    When my parents had a pool, Dad used old pantyhose on the filter. :)

  16. A no from me since the ONLY dress I might wear would be a summer maxi. :)

  17. In cooler weather when I wear a skirt I do wear them - in summer, no I don't.

  18. I only wear them when I wear a dress or skirt during winter, since I work outside in shorts in the summer, I get so tanned, actually too much but as hot as our temps. get i have to wear shorts. I also buy new hose for my garlic, which i will soon be doing as our garlic has been drying for a few weeks. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Nope! But I did like the hint about using it over the vacuum cleaner hose to find a small part. They're also useful to strain the lumps out of paint.

  20. Like many people, I only wear them in the winter on the rarest of occasions that I'm in a skirt at that time of year.

    But I am a nylon knee-high fan. I have a drawer full of them that I wear during non-sandal months.

    Love your tips! Especially the vacuum one!

  21. I remember the hint about the pantyhose on the vacuum cleaner and it works!

    I avoid panty hose at all costs! :) Never in the summer. Maybe thicker legging type ones in the winter, but that's it.

    I've always said to me wearing panty hose must be what it feels like for a man to wear a tie - very uncomfortable.

    However, I do think that Kate Middleton is bringing them back in style and she makes them look good! :)

    Don't worry even if you were alone, it wouldn't matter - where them if you want and they make you happy :)


  22. Lois, I only wear them if I have dress pants on or a skirt! Otherwise, I hate them! LOL They never last more than a one time wear. It seems like such a waste of money. Of course, my legs almost never see sunshine. The only reason they did last year, was because my son got married and I was required to wear a skirt. lol Oh well, good thing I love him!!

  23. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...Happy birthday ear Lois...
    Happy birthday to you!!!!

    I 'm going to make a big cake...and I'm going to eat it all...thinking about me...because TODAY IT's My 25st wedding DAY! Here people usually celebrate with new vows and a party,....but we do celebrate it our way...since we o not have kids...we will celebrate it being here to each other, full of love and being thankful to the Lord.
    2 years ago my husband had intestine cancer: he had quimo, radiotherapy and a surgery...but he is here with I have to thank God for that!


    Isabel, aka, BlueShell

  24. Yes, if I'm wearing a skirt, then I'm definitely wearing panty hose!
    I hate to put them on, though. It's a funny sight!

  25. Oh too funny Lois!
    I do wear them but only in the cold weather. I am a sandal and flip-flpo girl from spring to autumn.
    The potatoes look yummy too.
    I had fun catching up with you today.

  26. *haha* These comments are great! I only wear panty hose in the winter to keep my legs warm, but in the summer? No way! :)

  27. I love all your ideas of using pantyhose. I wear panty hose on occation but I try to wear them as little as possible. To me they are very uncomfortable. I will have to try some of your ideas on how to use them :)

  28. No, I wear thigh highs and love them. sandie

  29. I still wear pantyhose when I am wearing a skirt or dress because I don't wear panties.

    1. Pantyhose Blessings to you : )

      BTW - Ooh La La!

  30. I wear pantyhose more often than I do not. They still present a more polished, finished look that I like to present. Once you find the right ones for the right occasion or time of year, they are very comfortable.

    1. Pantyhose Blessings to you : )

  31. hi, nice post... actually pantyhose is quite common and used in europe. I do not know you manage it in the winter time ladies... mantyhose is also becoming a trend nowadays..

  32. I wear tights rather then pantyhose in the winter when the temperatures drop. There's nothing nicer then a warm pair of tights worn with whatever on those frigid days. Mantyhose? Haven't heard of them.

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