Balancing Your Checkbook...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some weeks a "question" just pops into my head when I'm preparing  
for our Tuesday's Question post.
This week was NOT one of those weeks.
I even asked for suggestions on Facebook yesterday.

I finally gave up reading suggestions and decided to  
catch up on something I dread...

Work in my checkbook.

And then I thought of the perfect question:

"Do you post/list every transaction 
in your checkbook?"

AND to take it one step further:

"Do you still balance your checkbook?"

We use our debit card all the time.
We hardly carry cash.

I'm always on the computer listing in my checkbook
all the different transactions, some big, like the grocery store
and some small, like renting a video at Red Box.

So, should I still be getting my checkbook register out
and writing down every little transaction?

Can I tell you how many of these I go through in a year?

Now, on to "Balancing My Checkbook."

I don't do that anymore.
Sorry MOM, but I don't need to find every single penny.

Leave me a comment and let me know
 YOUR feelings on BOTH questions! 

And here's a little something funny to brighten up your day...

And one more...

Enjoy your day!  


  1. I still register every check in my checkbook and I balance it each month and it's a good thing because the bank has made three mistakes on mine in the past 3 years.
    I told them the last time that I was going to charge them a fee for their mistake since they charge us for any mistake we may make. :0)
    I also don't have a debit card and hope that I never have to get one. I guess I'm just old fashioned.

  2. No, not anymore. We keep up with it on line. I still pay bills with checks but use the debit when shopping. Every transaction shows up so quickly, it is easier to maintain that way. Hope yours balanced!!

  3. I guess I'm still old fashioned... I still list every transaction and balance monthly. Though I do keep up with it daily online too. I am leaning toward letting go of the register but old habits die hard.

    Have a great day!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. I most definitely register and balance everything when needed be it a couple times a week or once. I love to know that I am spot on with my balance. :o)

    We have also started taking cash out for eating out instead of giving them a credit card or debt card. We had are card number used by someone other then us on a couple occasions so we decided that we will nolonger let it leave our hands. Using cash is also great for your budget, you tend to make better choices when you only have so much in your hand to spend.

  5. I do list each transaction in the register, and I do balance the checkbook. We have twice found errors on the banks behalf that if we had no paper trail at our end could have cost US money. I also like to be precise because if something happened to me, I wouldn't want to leave a mess of paperwork and unbalanced finance junk for him to try to figure out.

  6. I use my computer bookkeeping program to keep track of every transaction, and yes, I do balance it each and every month.

  7. I do write each thing down in my checkbook and keep my account balanced. To go one step farther, I have a notebook that I write down any money that I spend, where I spent it, the date, and if paid by check or cash.

  8. I still write every check in the register. I guess that makes me old fashion but I like to see it in black and white.
    I hardly use my debit card at all.

  9. I just check online almost every day to make sure everything is accounted for. I love the internet! :)

  10. Cute cartoon quips ~ and yes we still balance the checkbook though we write far less checks then ever.

  11. I have never liked dealing with numbers of any kind. Thank goodness my Hubs takes care of all the finances and just hands me money when I want it.

    I have probably written maybe one check in the last 20 years.

  12. Yes and yes. Am I hopelessly old-fashioned?

  13. I write every single thing down and I balance it each month. I also have a separate budget notebook where I do the same thing. I enjoy working with numbers, so it's actually enjoyable to me.
    We use our debit card a lot too. I pay most of our bills online, so I write very few checks.
    I check our account online several times a week to write down any transactions we may forget.
    My husband gets paid at the first of the month, so we have to keep close track of everything and make sure it all spreads out over each week.

  14. Yes, we record all transactions, but we don't write as many as we used to
    cause we put everything we can on 1
    credit card then pay it off every month, and it is like a lil savings acct.from the cashback bonus. That is the best way to use a credit card really, and thecashback bonus is better than the bank.

    I used to balance it by hand, but now hubby does it all online, so much quicker.
    Cute jokes too!
    Hope you are doing well hon,
    blessings, Nellie

  15. I do not use my check register anymore, and do not balance it every month. Online banking is trustworthy enough today that I don't need to keep track of every penny. And it's so much easier to hop online to view the statements. I nominated you for an award

  16. It's very seldom that I write a cheque. I do most of my banking online. It's easy to make payments and even postdate them if they don't come due for awhile. Also convenient is being able to see past transactions. I was able to catch a flower shop that charged my credit card twice long before the paper bill arrived in the mail.

  17. Ummm... I have never balanced a checkbook before in my life. We only use one check a month...

  18. I write every transaction down... and I balance my checkbook daily! I have to check online everyday to make sure that my darling hubby has not forgotten to tell me about using his debit card. He has a hard time keeping up with receipts. So, while online with the bank I mark off any cleared transactions and make sure me and the bank are in sync. :)

  19. I no longer balance my checkbook. I do check my balances and transactions on line daily though, and I check my statements against my printed transaction records.

  20. This may sound unusual but when I was doing the checkbook I would record the check but round the payment amount up before entering the amount. For example if the payment was 14.50 I would round it to 15.00. That way I never had to balance the checkbook, I never bounced a check, and had a nice little chunk of cash when we closed the account.

  21. I have two checking accounts (business and personal) and I use them for bills I can't pay online. I never use my debit card to pay for anything. I carry a small sum of cash for odds and a gallon of milk. I use 2 credit cards for everything else, and I love the cashback rewards. I bank online and keep my checkbooks up-to-date.

  22. I forgot to mention in my post that I do not carry my checkbook...EVER! If it's lost or stolen do you really want to give anyone access to all that information? (Including your account number, balance, and the ability to write a few fraudulent checks.)

  23. One of the all time things that I hate is to balance my check book! Richard

  24. I register all checks written but don't balance my checkbook. I've got Quicken and am going's on the to-do list...sigh...which grows daily.

  25. I do write every check down and I balance it every month. Don't have a whole lot of checks anyway. We charge everything and then pay it off at the end of month. We have a visa card and get money back. Sandie

  26. At the beginning of each month, I pay all of our bills online an withdraw enough cash to meet a month's budgeted expenses such as food, pet care, gasoline, and so forth. We use envelopes for our cash and we avoid using the debit card or cheques all month if we can get away without them.

  27. I don't keep up with everything in my register. I do, however, online. I take a look at it daily. I write down checks in my register. Debit card receipts are kept up with for awhile and I make sure they show up online. As long as my checks and debit card transactions match online, that's my balancing. :)


  28. Nice post........It’s a good idea to use your check register as a backup system even if
    you trust that your bank is keeping track of things for