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Tuesday's Question...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I had a hard time coming up with a question to ask you this week until
I saw something on TV the other day and became pretty excited
about an upcoming show. 

My daughter looked at me and said, 

"Why are you so excited about that show?"

And I immediately asked her if she knew anything about the original television show 
and she had no clue what I was talking about.

I was shocked!
How could this be?

So this week's Tuesday's Question is...

"Are YOU excited about the return
 of Dallas to TV?"

I am VERY excited and can't wait to watch tomorrow night. 

During my INFORMATIVE chat with Olivia, I proceeded to tell her about the original
television show and all the fun we had watching the show growing up 
AND how much her grandfather enjoyed watching as well. 

Who can forget the original cast...

Or, the beautiful Southfork Ranch...

And the cliff hangars!  

I had to tell Olivia all about the famous cliff hangar that started 
all television shows coming up with cliff hangars...

We waited anxiously ALL SUMMER for Dallas to return in the fall
so we could all find out if JR survived but more importantly,

"Who shot JR?"

And what about the famous shower scene a few years later...

That was pretty good as well.  

So tomorrow night, at 9:00, I will be in front of our television
with my daughter, Olivia, watching one of my favorite shows of all time...

And yes, I can still "hum" the theme song...can YOU?

Let me know if you'll be watching and 
if you're as excited as I am!

Enjoy your day! 


  1. I was a little girl when this show was on, so I really don't remember it. I know my Mom watched it at night after we went to bed, when it went off the air she was bummed. I won't be tuning in tonight, but I bet my Mom will! :)

  2. Wow, I didn't know it was coming back. I will have to see what channel it is on.

  3. Oh Lois I knew we were kindred spirits, haha....Loved the show for some reason or another. I can hear the music in my head right now. We watched the reruns of it for quite a while and it came on in the early evening and hubby and I would watch. My youngest son was around 4 or 5 at the time and he LOVED the music to the show...he didn't watch it of course, but how he loved that music. He would hear it from the other room and come running and go into this dance routine where we would all roar with laughter. Every time I hear that music now I will think of him dancing around that room, haha. I will be watching for sure...or maybe taping. But either way, I am looking forward to it...Have a good day!

  4. I was a huge Dallas fan and would sit eagerly each week to see what was happening! I notice in the new previews that Bobby has some gray hair - makes me feel better about mine!!!!!

  5. I can't lie, I have never actually seen Dallas before. I just checked Netflix and they don't have the old show, maybe one day they will and I can get caught up!

  6. I had my picture taken a few years ago with Patrick Duffy. I may watch it depending on what time its on.

  7. My mom was a huge Dallas fan and I'd watch it off and on growing up. So, I don't have any real plans to tune in, but I know it's getting all the rave, so I might change my mind!

  8. Rick and I lived in Tulsa at the time and watched every show. Yes, the cliff hanger had everybody speculating all summer about who the shooter was, because it seemed nobody liked JR. He was such a jerk. Can't wait to see the cast and all the changes! It's been almost 30 years!

  9. Yes...I will be watching! I had the same experience with my daughter asking what is Dallas? So I had to tell her. I can remember that it is one time in my childhood that I know my mother sat and watched something on TV and we watch it every week. My mom was so very excited when we learned the theme song to Dallas when I was playing Trombone in the band. And better yet trombones had the LEAD part. So yes I can still hummm the theme song. She made me play it for almost everyone who visited us!! LOL! One funny thing I can remember is when JR was shot...my great grandmother saw Larry Hagman playing a part on another show and was very upset because JR was suppose to be dead! heheheh.... Loved her! :) Enjoy watching tomorrow night!!

  10. I will have to say... not really. I never watched the original show. Sorry! But I hope you enjoy it! :-)

  11. Totally out of the loop on this one. I never ever saw Dallas. Whoever shot JR wasn't a very good marksman. :-)

  12. I am debating getting a higher priced cable package just to see this!

  13. Hi Lois

    Lovely blog with lovely recipes.

    Found you through Chatty Cathy
    and so will follow.


  14. I will be watching, but have to tape it because I may not be home...

  15. YES - my mom and I used to watch it together so it will be great memories. Is it tomorrow - I thought it was the 17th. But yes, count me in.


  16. OH! I didn't know it was coming back, will have to check it out! and since you have confessed to watching it, I will too! And like you i waited anxiously all summer to find out what happened! I bet Olivia will enjoy it too! I know you are enjoying having her home this summer!
    have a great evening!

  17. Hi Lois,
    Yes, we used to love to watch it too!! Would like to check out the new one but somehow they are never the same as the originals, but still might be watch worthy. What was the famous shower scene??? I forgot about that or never saw it one.
    When we heard about it did peak our interest, so will have to find out
    what channel it is on.
    Thanks for reminding me!! lol
    Hope you are doing well.
    Love ya, Nellie