Tuesday's Question...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last week on Walking on Sunshine's Facebook page,
I posted the following picture...

And I also "confessed" that some days it's hard for me
to think of something to prepare for my family for dinner;
something they'll all enjoy and I won't hear any complaints!

And then I thought of the following question to ask everyone here today.

"Do you have a favorite 'GO-TO' meal 
that you can
serve on those crazy nights?"

You know, those days when you're so busy you can't think
of anything to prepare!

We all have those days...some more than others!

Here at Walking on Sunshine, we're not big fans of eating out or
going through a drive-thru on those crazy nights, and
I really do enjoy cooking.  

It's just that some days I'm clueless as to what to prepare.

But I do have one favorite meal that EVERYONE enjoys,
is easy to prepare AND it's what we had for dinner last night.

Add a tossed salad or some green beans and 
DINNER is served!

So, let me know what YOUR 'Go-To' Meal is!

Yes, I really want to know!

You never know, it may be a meal I work into our family's rotation!

And just so you know, tonight we'll be enjoying


  1. I would say our go to meal would be spaghetti....everyone will eat it. It is Arin's favorite! Kenneth does not like spaghetti sauce so I reserve some of the hamburger/sausage to put with his buttered noodles. It is fast and easy:)

  2. lately our "go to meal" is ground beef, bbq sauce over top (not too much, just enough to cover the beef pieces), and mix in a can of peas.. serve with garlic bread that is warming in the oven as the beef is cooking on the stove..

    if we have it in the pantry, I'll switch a can of Manwich Sloppy Joe, for the bbq sauce

  3. My go to meal is usually ground beef, add some spaghetti sauce and cook some pasta and add a salad.

  4. I do a two week menu plan, and usually leave the simpler things (taco salad, or protien salad) for days that just in case things get busy I can easily toss them together. Another thing I do to make things easier is when I make up meat for taco salad, I will make three batches, season it and freeze two, so the next 2 times I will have the meat ready to go and just need to defrost it in the microwave for a speedy meal.

  5. *YUMMY* I'm coming to your house tonight for supper, Lois! *haha*
    My "go-to" meal would probably be- breakfast for dinner... if I'm in a pinch, I'll cook a little bacon, fix some whole wheat waffles, and scramble some eggs (or make egg sandwiches with lettuce and tomato.)

  6. Lois...when all else fails, I whip up some salmon patties with green beans and mac-n-cheese. Easy peasy!

  7. Over the years my "go to" supper has varied. When my kids all lived at home (or even some of them) it was spaghetti for sure, or sloppy Joes, or some other quick beef meal. But now for just me and hubby if there is one meal he can count on waiting for him at least once a week, it is a baked potato, steamed broccoli, (with cheese if I have got it) and baked Salmon. I buy the individual serving pieces from the butcher, and it is all soo quick and easy. Sprinkle a little of Mrs. Dashes herb and garlic seasoning on top and bake for 20 minutes. I could eat this a couple of nights a week I think without getting sick of it, haha. I have to really try not to get too involved with my cooking and baking, because my BIG head always ends up eating too much...sigh. But I do LOVE to do both. I live vicariously through your yummy blog recipes, haha. Have a good day Lois!

  8. Oooh I don't know, that's actually a tough question for me because I love cooking and am always in the kitchen LOL

    I would say probably spaghetti because it's one of those really quick meals and I always have the ingredients on hand.

    Your dinner tonight looks SO good, yum :)

  9. Yes, I do! You can see the recipe for my Chicken Pasta which is so easy to make and I usually have all the ingredients on hand. I don't need to look at the recipe. It is total comfort food - and delicious and has a good protein in it! :-)

    My other go-to recipe is GF pizza made with feta cheese and kalamata olives. YUM. Again, it's one I make so often that I don't need to look at the recipe. And it's almost always made on a Friday night.

  10. We LOVE cajun chicken in our house. http://www.housewifeeclectic.com/2011/04/cajun-pasta-2-tasty-tuesdays.html

    It goes pretty fast once you have made it once. I LOVE it!

  11. I hear you...I have been cooking the meals ever since I was 12...I know how that is to be burned out! Glad I am down to me and the hubbie now, things are much more simple. I do use my crock pot..a lot! ;)

  12. Oh yes! And I even know the number by heart...555-xxxx. =D

    I love that graphic!

  13. Just about ALL my recipes are suitable to fall into the category of "quick go-to" LOL. OK I made SOMETHING like this tonight. Thanks for the inspiration! I had to use what was in the house so it varied a little. YUM!

  14. Good eating at your house. Everything looks delicious, would be a favorite in my house!

  15. How do you make that chicken - looks so good.

    Our go to meal would involve pasta of some sort - it is the only thing all 4 will eat. lol


  16. Well my go to meal is kind of cheating. It is Costco's frozen lasagna. I heat that up in the microwave and then steam some vegetables. It so yummy! It only costs 11.99 and we have 2 meals out of it. So it is cheap too:)

  17. My go-to meal would be either spaghetti or lasagna. I'm lucky that my family will eat almost anything I fix without complaint. My son doesn't like roast beef (strange, I know) so I know not to fix that, but anything else goes.

  18. LoL... I ask myself the same question. Why does my Hubs want dinner every single night.

    He lives to eat and I eat to live. And.... I get to be the head cook most nights.

  19. Lois,

    My fall back meal is called Hamburger Gravy. It is something my grandmother made my mother during the war. When meat was rationed my grandmother would buy a pound of hamburger and make hamburgers out of it and what was left over she would brown with some onion and make a gravy with it. My mother nad I both use cornstarch to make the gravy. Some salt and pepper and put this over mashed potatoes and your good. Add a vegetable or salad and some fuit or jello and you're even better. I know it doesn't sound all that great but it is something you have to try to believe. Both my husband and my mother-in-law turned their noses up at it the first time I made this but now Jim asks for it. And since meat isn't rationed I use a whole pound of hamburger.
    What do you think? Feeling brave?


  20. I think it sounds pretty good Maureen!

  21. Hey Lois,

    It might sound even better if I had bothered to proof read my comment. Sorry for the typos.