Skirt Steak Grilled to Perfection...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good Morning!

One of my absolute favorite meals to eat in the summer is STEAK.
Which is a far cry from when I was a little girl and a teenager.
I didn't like steak at all.

My mother would make steak every Sunday in the summer
because it was an easy meal to get on the table after a busy morning at church,
but more importantly, she didn't have to turn on the oven to make the house even hotter.

It was a "rule" in our house that the first person home from church
had to plug in the electric coil that would heat up the
charcoal in the grill in our back yard.

Our house was right next to the church that my dad pastored in Queens, 
so the commute was really short!

So while my mom was making steak for the rest of the family 
she would cook a hamburger for me.
YES, I ate hamburger while my family dined on STEAK.

But my taste buds have evolved and I now adore STEAK.
And not just any steak, my favorite cut is Skirt Steak.

 I firmly believe that you need to 
marinade the meat for a few hours before grilling.

I don't follow a recipe for the marinade I use, but here's what I do.

I like to sprinkle season salt on the meat and then
add Italian salad dressing and a few splashes of Worcestershire Sauce...

Cover and refrigerate for a few hours, the longer the better.
Grill until it's done to YOUR liking.

Grilled to perfection...

AND if you have leftovers, the next day you can make a nice
steak sandwich to enjoy...

We had steak on Mother's Day when my sister and her family came to visit...

Of course my MOM...

The Colonel and I...

AND I completely forgot to take pictures of the kids.
Oh well.

What's YOUR favorite meal for summer?

Enjoy your day!  


  1. Gotta love grillin in the Summer! Sometimes Italian dressing is the best marinade there is. Love your posts!

  2. Oh I am with you, hubby and I love Skirt steak on the grill.

    My kids aren't really into it, they would rather have hotdogs or hamburgers too LOL

  3. I am a total steak lover now too. It makes me said for all those steaks I missed out in favor of hot dogs when I was a kid!

  4. Mmmm~ looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing your marinade, I'll definitely have to try that.
    That was sweet that your mom fixed you hamburger while everyone else ate steak! :)

  5. Anything on the grill is wonderful in the summer...but one thing I always can't wait for is fresh yellow squash cooked on the grill until tender. We cut the squash in 1/2 and remove the seeds. Then baste with salt, pepper and butter. Grill until tender and then top with grated Parmesan cheese. Keep on grill until cheese is melted. It is SOOOO Yummy! :)

  6. My husband is a steak lover. We did not have much steak growing up as my folks couldn't afford it. I do like steak but it is not my favorite. I think our favorite meal is salmon. We get salmon steaks make into round patties. They are not salmon patties but pure salmon meat. We eat them like hamburgers with all the fixings.

  7. Well in my opinion steak is hard to beat! I love it. We have discovered a new place in San Diego that sells tri tip already marinated in some wonderful marinade, ready to grill. Oh is sooo good! I really have to discipline myself not to eat too much of it. We had it on mother's day. You can seriously cut it with a fork. I love many things bbq'd, but that is probably my fav. Hope you have a good day!

  8. YUM!! Everything looks amazing!!!!

    ~Miss Jen

  9. I love a good steak! We grill a lot in the hotter months and have steaks, pork or beef, pork burgers, hamburgers and hot dogs. Also, chicken breasts and kebobs. I love kebobs.
    Okay, I'll quit now...I'm making myself hungry. Love seeing your family. Your sister is are you!

  10. That certainly looks tempting and I'm not a meat eater! My hubby would LOVE it, though!

  11. Looks fantastic. Skirt is one of our favorite cuts, too!

  12. Would you believe that I've never tried Skirt Steak before? I'm not sure why, either! This recipe sounds sound yummy! I think I might be able to pull it off.

  13. It's amazing what we as kids will pass up on food wise, but later on in life we love! :)

    I love to marinade porterhouse steaks in creamy italian dressing.

  14. When you are a kid you think like one! sandie

  15. My mom totally destroyed every steak she ever cooked. She couldn't stand to leave even a hint of pink, so you can imagine how they tasted. My sweetie does an amazing job with them. I love steak on the grill any time of year.

  16. Love steak too but only done on the grill... I started marinating mine with seasoning salt and soya sauce... but now have switched to maggi liquid seasoning, greek seasoning and seasoning salt... I just add until I think it is right.

  17. Mmmmmm this looks so good! I'm your newest follower. Would love if you'd follow me back ;)

  18. This looks really good. For some reason in my area it is very hard to find skirt steak. One of my favorite cuts too.

  19. this looks yummy! stopping by from Foodie Friends Friday!

  20. Love it! I grew up in a household without a lot of money. My parents always marinated "cheap" steak for hours and it tasted like heaven!! Must try this of course!

  21. Mmmm...looks so juicy and delicious Lois! I don't grill, but my husband does and I love anything that he cooks. :)

  22. Love grilled steak, especially on the BBQ!
    Is winter here in the Land Down Under so cook our steaks inside now too!
    Cheers! Joanne
    What's On The List
    Friday Foodie Friends too!

  23. I never seem to be able to get my skirt steak to look like yours does. I will have to try this recipe.
    Thsnks for sharing on FFF