Growing Vegetables...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I was out in my garden yesterday and realized I need to do a post 
on our vegetable garden.

We've been planting vegetables for years...
even when we were living in the "city" of Paterson, NJ.

The last time we planted a garden was 3 years ago.
The Colonel's schedule just wouldn't allow.

I need his "STRENGTH" to get things started.

Now doesn't that look pretty...

Here's how it looked before my Colonel started working...

Here's my Colonel working hard...

We planted tomatoes...

Green beans and sugar snap peas...

There's a few more rows of lettuce...

Zucchini and Cucumber.
Not sure if this is zucchini or cucumber...

We planted mint in our garden years ago and when 
we uncovered the garden, (The Colonel covered the garden
with tarps before he left for Afghanistan) 
the MINT was still growing...

As most of you know, mint spreads like CRAZY!
The Colonel dug it all up and planted it in a bucket
and dug a hole and planted the bucket.
That way the mint is contained...

We also planted pumpkins, but no photo.

My herbs, in pots on the back porch...

And now some flowers...

I love these lilies because they just keep blooming all summer...

Some flowers planted on the back porch...

And my knock out roses...

And a view I can look at all day long...

Do YOU have a vegetable garden?

Enjoy your day! 


  1. Your garden looks great and yes, I do have a vegetable garden :) I should post some pictures of it soon.

  2. Very nice garden. I get hungry just hearing about all your veggies! You have a spectacular view, too!

    We did not plant a garden this year. We knew we would be watering the new sod/shrubbery and that is enough for one summer!!!

  3. What a gorgeous garden you have. My son, his fiancee, and I planted a huge garden this year. My son wants to plan a seasonal market stand to sell his produce. This year we planted almost 300 strawberry plants, over 20 tomatoes, 10 to 15 zucchini, and I won't bore you with more plant amounts....the garden is huge.

  4. Gorgeous garden and GREAT idea on the mint!!! I have my mint planted in a big planter so it can't wander too far and you know I just LOVE gardening!!!!!! Have a wonderful day;)

  5. We do have a garden this year - my mom and dad and us together between our houses. We have squash, okra, tomatoes, watermelon, canteloupe, cucumbers, bell peppers, and hopefully the hot peppers are going to come through. :)

    Your garden looks great and you do have a beautiful view! I love a mountain view! Lucky you!

    Have a great day, Lois!


  6. Your garden is looking very nice. My garden consists of 2 potted tomato plants which are not doing well in the heat and the drought.

  7. You have a beautiful garden! Do you put a fence around it to keep out the critters? We only planted a pumkin vine and few herbs and some flowers. We don't have a very big garden space. Some day we would like to do raised beds and have more veggies.

  8. You'll be enjoying a lot of produce from that garden. I just have some tomatoes and English cucumber plants,herbs, and yellow bean seeds that will be making into some soil later today!

  9. No garden here...wasn't a good year for that. Your roses are beautiful and that is a great view!

  10. Your vegetable garden is wonderful. I can see why you need the colonel's strength. That's quite a big garden. How nice to enjoy all of those fresh vegetables.
    My garden is small. Just tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs. I picked my first 2 tomatoes this week.

  11. I would love a view like that as well....beautiful area you live in :)

  12. beautiful garden... Was just thinking I need to put a blog about my garden... Have been taking pictures as things have been growing and when I went to check the flowers, noticed that my lilies are finally blooming. Love you herb garden, I should have done something like that too... I guess I still could. Did do the same thing with my flowers though.

  13. Your garden looks awesome! Some great things growing. I really love those flower boxes, very pretty! I only have herbs in containers this year.

  14. What a wonderful garden!

    Yes, we garden. I planted our biggest one yet this year! We have horseradish, radishes, spinach, lettuce, brussel sprouts, green peppers, red bell peppers, thirty five tomato plants, sweet corn, radishes, beets, peas, beans, cukes, pickling cukes, watermelon and pumpkins. Canning season will be endless this year, but it will be so worth it!

  15. Dear Lois, I do have a vegetable garden. It is much smaller! I am still learning how to care for these beautiful veggies. I do love when I see the signs of life sprouting through.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  16. Goodness he put sooooooo much work in that - you are so blessed. It is fantastic. sandie

  17. Splendid...that is God's work too.

    I heard about the tornadoes (in the news) and about the huge fire in Colorado. Hope you are Okay!

  18. That looks so wonderful and how blessed you are.
    I did not put in a garden it was not a good year.We are having such a dry spell it would not have made it, but I enjoy seeing what others have.