Foodie Friends Friday...

Friday, June 8, 2012

This week I am doing something TOTALLY different!

I have joined Foodie Friends on Facebook,
which is a GREAT place to meet other bloggers.
Every Friday, each member is assigned a blog to review a recipe
and then post about it on your blog.

This is my first week and I'm excited to introduce to you...

Michelle, From Calculus to Cupcakes.

Today's recipe that I am sharing from her blog is
Omelet Cups...

Michelle says:

"These little omelet cups are a wonderful, portion controlled breakfast.  
What makes them even better, is that you can easily reheat extras for a quick breakfast on the run.  Ideally, I see making them on the weekend with extras leftover for weekday breakfasts.  
And, best of all, they are very tasty!"

Click HERE for the recipe.

You can find the BLOG for Foodie Friends HERE
There are some delicious blogs out there 
and this is a GREAT way to find them!  

AND if you haven't joined Walking on Sunshine on Facebook,
please, please, please come on over!  
Not that I'm begging!

What do YOU have planned for the weekend?  

The Colonel leaves tomorrow morning for a month in Wisconsin.
When I asked what time we had to be at the airport he said, 
"Not as early as usual."
Then I asked him what time his flight was and he responded,
"7:00 AM."

That means leaving the house at 5:30...YES, technically NOT as early as the last
time he had to be at the airport...then we left the house at 5:00.

You gotta love the Army!  

Enjoy your day!


  1. Your husband's response sounds a lot like mine when I ask a question like that. In his world, leaving for work at 5 AM just ISN'T as early as leaving at 5:30. Somehow, to me, leaving 'later' conjures up images of a relaxed breakfast and quality time together. haha

  2. What will you do with all your time with hubby away? The omelet cups sound good. Maybe I will give them a try.

  3. Ooooh~ omelet cups sound wonderful! I always have a surplus of eggs and I'm constantly looking for new recipes to use them in so I will definitely give these a try~ thanks for sharing the link!

  4. We live in kind of a small rural area, so the only flights out of here are at like four in the morning. Always makes for interesting mornings. :)

  5. Those look so yummy! We are teaching Mary's preschool class at church on Sunday. So, I will be getting the craft together for them and working on the Bible story and other activites:)

  6. Those look yummy.....may have to try them. Arin and I will be heading on a bus trip to Washington DC in the early morning for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts...Rock the Mall! Should be an exciting but exhausting day...then back tomorrow night and up to teach Children's Church on Sunday! I hope you have a nice afternoon! :)

  7. Oh, yeesh....that's not a fun time to be up if you are heading to the airport. :/

    Praying for safe travels for him and that you enjoy your free time. :)

  8. Thank you so much for featuring my omelet cups!

  9. LOL sounds like something my husband would say.

    Sorry yours is leaving tomorrow and I hope the month goes by super fast for you and for me :)

  10. You have a whole half hour to sleep longer. Hey those little omelets look good. sandie

  11. If you are like me, when my Hubs goes away. I get so much work done around the house. I miss him like crazy but I can sure get the work done when he is not here.

  12. If you're like me, that half hour can make a big difference. The little omelets look good and I wish I had one right now.
    Enjoy your day with your Colonel before he leaves!

  13. I love these omelet cups and I really want to make them. It's Sunday morning and I haven't had breakfast. I think I'm in!

    For me, there is NO difference between 5am and 5:30am. Just sayin.. Anything before 7am is just too early.

  14. What a cute idea, Lois. Thanks for sharing this. I have company coming this week, and we could use something special like this to make one day.

  15. Portion control, eh? That just means it's easier to count the calories -LOL-.
    Love your husband's sense of humor; please tell him, "thanks for serving."

  16. love the omelet cups!!! the whole idea!

  17. Do they ever look delicious!! thanks for the link, I will visit Michele.

    I will be thinking of you all while the Colonel is away, please tell him "thank you" so much for serving our country, having been the child of a career Army man, I know about the sacrifices that they and their family make.
    Read your last posts, and enjoyed them, you absolutely share some of the best recipes, and oh! if I lived near by, I would be a frequent self invited quest, and would so willing wash dishes. ~smile~

    As far as plans for the weekend, dh and I took Sat. off and rode through the country side, ate at panera bread on our way out, today we are resting getting ready for a busy week. Thanks for asking.

  18. Looks yummy! Know you will miss your Colonel. I pray it will be a"trouble free" month while he is gone!