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Cucumber Tea Sandwiches...

I found some photos the other day of these lovely little 
Tea Sandwiches I make and realized I've never shared them with you!
These sandwiches are BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS.

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches...

As you can see from the date in the bottom corner these photos 
are almost 2 years old and NOT the best quality.  
I apologize, but they're so delicious and an easy addition
to any party, baby shower or tea party.



Good quality bread
This is important...spend the money and get a loaf of Pepperidge Farm Bread...

Flavored Cream Cheese
Begin by slicing your cucumbers THIN and layering them
in a colander, sprinkling the cucumbers with salt.
The salt helps draw out the water that is in the cucumbers.
Do not skip this will have soggy sandwiches.

Place the colander over a bowl and let sit for about an hour.
You will be surprised at how much WATER is in the cucumbers.

Squeeze the cucumbers DRY and set aside while you get the bread ready...

Cut the crusts off the bread.
I use my electric knife, but a regular knife works fine...

Crustless bread.
You can use the crusts to make breadcrumbs or snack 
on while you're preparing the sandwiches...

Spread the cream cheese on the slices of bread...

Now, add the cucumber slices...

Please do not cut the sandwiches into squares...

Arrange on a pretty platter and sprinkle with some parsley for added prettiness...

The first time I had a cucumber sandwich I didn't expect
to enjoy it as much as I did!

And these sandwiches go FAST on a buffet table!

I made the cucumber sandwiches for a baby shower at church
and also brought along a platter of Strawberry Tea Sandwiches...

I have a bread mold from Pampered Chef that you place a loaf of frozen bread
or a tube of Pillsbury bread inside and bake until done.
As you slice the loaf, you get pretty "flower" shaped slices.

Really cute!

You can also use a cookie cutter in any shape with
the Pepperidge Farm bread...

For the above sandwiches, I spread flavored 
strawberry cream cheese on the bread...

Then added thinly sliced strawberries on top of the 
cream cheese and then decorated with a few more strawberries on top.

THESE were gone before anything else on the buffet table.

So, what do you think?
Would you eat a CUCUMBER SANDWICH?
Or a Strawberry Sandwich?

I know I would...and might make some just for myself this week.

Enjoy your day! 


  1. I have eaten and made both! Fancy that! The pics are not bad, Lois! OK, I have made the strawberry ones using Vienna Fingers and whip cream too. yum! I like the flower cut out! Also I fancy pumpernickel bread with the cuke sandwiches! Now I am craving these!

  2. These look delicious! Can't wait till cucumbers are ready in the garden to try this, thanks for sharing:D

  3. Would I eat a cucumber sandwich? Absolutely! And I DO eat cucumber sandwiches, every summer, when I think of it. They're delicious with such a fresh taste. And I'd eat the strawberry ones too. Love that cute flower mold!

  4. Both of them sound and look delicious!

  5. I have eaten many a cucumber sandwich! Just had them at our recent bridal tea. Strawberry sandwich...hmmm...that's a new one. They do look pretty. I had one of those loaf pans a long time ago. I never used it so I sold it in a yard sale...probably should have kept it!! :-)

  6. I love cucumber sandwiches. I even did a post about them once! Yours are so pretty...I will have to do that to them next time Lois! And the strawberry ones are delightful! So pretty!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. Cucumber sandwiches are so yummy! I'm hoping our cukes in the garden will do well. I love my cucumbers and they are good for you, too!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I think I would like the cucumber ones. Since I have been eating so many strawberries from our patch that cucumber sounds so good!

  9. I remember cucumber sandwiches from past bridal showers and I love them! You make everything look so pretty!

  10. Perfect timing! Our garden is giving us lots of cucumbers and I need ideas, this looks super yummy! Thanks.

  11. Have had both from you! love them both!

  12. This is fabulous! I am totally going to have a tea party with my daughter with these!

  13. Yummmm.. I love how fresh the cucumber sandwhiches look! I'm not the biggest fan of cucumbers but with cream cheese and bread...I would LOVE them! ;-)

  14. Do I have to choose just one???? ;)

  15. Yes m'am! I'd eat them both :). They are both so pretty and perfect for the spring season.
    I have seen that Pampered Chef flower pan for sale at thrift shops a couple of different times. Didn't realize it would turn out so cute or I would have bought it.

  16. Those are so adoreable. I want one of those little sandwiches.

  17. Both look divine!!

    Especially the strawberry. Love strawberries!

  18. My Momma used to make cucumber sandwiches this way :-)

  19. My Momma used to make cucumber sandwiches this way :-)

  20. YUM!!!
    They look splendid... makes me want to make some!!


  21. These look great and I pinned them. lol sandie

  22. This look amazing :) I can wait to try this !

  23. YUM both look good. I have that same mold from Pampered Chef :)

  24. They both sound delicious
    but I think I like the cucumber ones best!

    Thanks for sharing!

  25. I would eat several of each! yum!


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