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Tuesday's Question...

I know it's been a WEEK since I've last posted.
It's been a little busy here at Walking on Sunshine.

The Colonel had a few days off since his trip to Kentucky.
We spent the last few days working around the house...
planting flowers, planting our vegetable garden and relaxing.

But on to more important things...this week's Tuesday's Question!

"What are 3 reasons why YOU can't die?"

I know the question is STRANGE, but play along, okay?

Here are my 3 reasons why I can't die...

1.  I am the only one in this household who knows how 
to get the ice cube unstuck from the ice maker.

Once in awhile an ice cube will get stuck in the ice maker in our freezer.
It looks something like this...

Now, imagine an ice cube all the way at the end,
because for some reason it's always in the end slot...

I really am the only one who knows how to take a wooden spoon
and hit the "stuck" ice cube so it falls out and the ice maker starts
producing ice again.  

SO difficult.

2.  I am the only one in this household who knows
how to make ice tea OR refill the water jug.

And the all important...

3.  I am the only one who knows how to change the tube of toilet paper.

So, please leave YOUR answers to this week's Tuesday Question.

I'd love to know why YOU can't die!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lois’ husband checking in… here are my 3: (1) No one around here can load and thread the line through the weed-wacker. This in particular worries me since I will be away for much of June. I fully expect to come home to strands of 3 foot tall grass along the driveway, along the edge of the kitchen garden, the flower beds, the mail box, the front walk… you get the idea. (2) I am the only one in this house that has mastered the toilet snake. Now I know the folks around here had the hang of it when I was in Afghanistan, but somehow, upon my return, the knowledge was abruptly lost. (3) No one around here seems to able to find their way to the service station when it’s time to get the oil changed. I will never reveal the family overage record. I will not even reveal whether it was the car my wife or daughter drives. Only that when I had occasion to check the odometer against the sticker in the windshield and questioned the women of this house, the rather casual answer was, “well we were just waiting for you to bring it in.”

  2. Morning Lois,
    Well, at least you know your hubby reads your
    I am gonna have to think about this awhile and come back later.
    Too funny............

    Hope you had a nice weekend,
    Blessing, Nellie

  3. *HAHA* That's too funny, Lori!
    I can't die because Hubby doesn't know any of my internet passwords! *hahaha*

  4. Sorry, Lois- my spellcheck turn "Loi" into "Lori" too quick!
    I can't die because I need to learn to proofread first! (*haha*)

  5. This is so funny...yet so true! :)

  6. LMBO!!! SO funny!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. That is so funny :) I am the only one that can find lost items in our house. On a more serious note I am the only one that can be Mary's mom and Rich and I are the only ones in our family to raise her to adulthood in the knowledge of the Lord.

  8. I can't die because hubby would starve to death. He doesn't know how to cook! Oh wait, he does know how to open a box and operate the microwave, so I guess he might survive. Cute post, Lois!

  9. LOL... you took my number one reason. The toilet paper. No one else seems to know how to do it.

    Reason 2. The Hubs would miss me

    Reason 3. I am not ready to die.

  10. Love this! I swear my husband could do laundry before we got married and then we could married and the knowledge some how fell out of his head. I better not die or his clothes will be pretty stinky. :) Happy Tuesday to you!

  11. Oh how I love this post Lois! I can't die because my hubby NEVER puts fresh water in our pets' bowls. He gets fresh ice water numerous times all day for himself, but NEVER remembers to freshen the pets!!!

  12. I can't die because I'm the only one who knows how to hubby can fry cornflakes...and I'm the only one who knows how to feed the pets...and I'm the only one who knows how to do the laundry...mow the lawn...water the flowers...oh, must stop now.

  13. 1. My family will be buried alive, never found again -in dirty clothes left on the floor.
    Who picks up the laundry...that 's me.
    2. The animals would starve...(they forget we have them sometimes)
    3. Seriously, they might understand the serious repercussions- FINALLY- of constantly squeezing the toothpaste in the middle!

  14. For one, I'm not ready to die.

    #2 - my family would DIE without me, I do everything LOL

    #3 - Please see reason 1 and 2 LOL

  15. Hahahaha this was really funny. Most moms would agree to this and can add many more such ones. ;)

  16. I love your three reasons - and the first one - I did today - the ice! And I am the only one who can change toilet paper roles. And another thing - no one here can find anything. Love, sandie

  17. The #1 husband and daughter would not know what their schedules are.

    #2. The only clothes my husband washes is his work my daughter wouldn't have any clean clothes.

    #3. The same as yours...neither one knows how to change the empty toilet paper roll!!!!


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