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Tuesday's Question...

This week's question is something
that I thought of recently as I was preparing to spend 
the day doing what I love...

Cooking and Cleaning for my family.

Here goes...

"Do YOU have an outfit that you always wear
when you're working around the house?"  

For me the answer is easy...


Here I am in my favorite, old comfy shirt getting 
ready to spend the day cooking and cleaning.
I was preparing for the cadets to come and visit...

Now, don't be shocked, but I've had this shirt for over 20 years.
It originally was the Colonel's shirt and I "stole" it from 
him when I was pregnant with Olivia.

I remember the very first day I put this shirt on!
We were preparing to work outside in the 
yard raking leaves one beautiful fall morning
and I realized that NOTHING in my closet would fit.

I reached into the Colonel's side of the closet and grabbed this shirt
and it has remained on MY side of the closet ever since.

Here we are 20 years ago, I'm about 5 months pregnant...

Over the years, I've had different denim shirts and t-shirts
that I've worn to do household chores, but for some reason
I always seem to come back to this plaid shirt, 
maybe because the Colonel used to wear it. 

So, let me know if YOU have a special 
"cleaning and cooking" shirt as well.


  1. My cleaning clothes are certainly not as charming as yours...and I don't look so cute when I clean! Just any ole grubby t-shirt and jeans for this cleaning lady. :)

  2. Lois, you are so very pretty. Don't have a special cleaning clothes but maybe I'll put it on my list of things to do.

  3. Lois, you are so beautiful. Inside and out. And in Colonel's EX shirt!

  4. Morning Lois,
    Love that pic of you and Phil, and love your cleaning shirt too. I pretty much just wear jean or shorts
    and a t-shirt around the house anyway. When I was a teenager my fav lounge around outfit was green cord cut off shorts and a white guys dress shirt made the same as the one you have on.
    The shirt was very special to me because it had belonged to my friend and neighbor who was almost like a brother but was killed in a car accident, when I was in my Jr.
    Year of High School.
    I have adopted some of my hubbies
    shirts at times too...........

    Well, have a fun day with Olivia and her beau.

    Blessings, Nellie
    So glad you are feeling all better.

  5. Oh yea, and how is your Mom coming


  6. Comfy clothes are always the first things I reach for! Jeans, T shirt and a hoodie - it's been cold here!
    Love the photos of you and the Colonel!
    Best wishes

  7. Good morning! You sure look good to just be cleaning! How pretty you are! to answer your question, I don't wear anything in particular other than just my regular everyday clothes, which are comfy and nothing special. When I was MUCH younger I too use to wear hubby's clothes to clean as it was soo much more comfy because back then I wore tight jeans and shirts to be stylish, haha, but they were NOT comfy to clean it. Hope you have a good day! HUGS

  8. You haven't aged a day! How is that even possible?? The Colonel is a lucky man to have such a gorgeous and talented lady to share his life with.

    No, I don't have anything special for cooking or cleaning. What I put on in the morning tends to be the outfit for the day regardless of what I'm doing. I favor dresses and skirts, rarely jeans.

  9. Lois...your attire sure beats mine! I often just wear my robe...if you can believe that...or a pair of workout pants and a ratty t-shirt. Plus, I don't wear a lick of makeup!

  10. Yes, I seem to wear the same ole ratty looking clothes to clean in! I wear what is most comfortable.

    Lois, you get prettier as the years go by! Have a great day!

  11. That is so sweet. I have a blue denim shirt that I love to wear to do chores in.

  12. Fabulous! I wish my cleaning outfit was full of such memories. Love the story. :)

  13. You sure haven't aged much in the last 20 years, you must be living life right.

    I have a few different clothes I wear to clean and work in the garden. Nothing special like your shirt.

  14. Awe that is so sweet. Nice and cuddly. sandie

  15. Great story behind the shirt. :-) I always wear jeans and any comfy t-shirt I can find - always 100 percent cotton and must be soft. Actually, the whole outfit must feel like pajamas. lol

  16. Love the story behind the shirt! Great pictures :) I have a big old, very old, comfy worn out denim shirt of my husband's with a pair sweats for around the house.

  17. Such a cute story! I don't really have a standard "uniform" that I choose to do housework in on a daily basis. However, I have "adopted" several of my husband's shirts that I like to lounge in around the house during the cooler months. :)

  18. Awwwww... I love this post! And the shirt still looks great on you - after all these years ;) Great pics. And nope, I do not have a special cleaning/cooking shirt, but maybe I'll start today :) Enjoy the weekend! -Tammy


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