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Hand Sanitizer...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This past Sunday we had communion in church.
I love taking communion and spending time quietly focusing on the Lord,
thanking Him for the sacrifice He made to cleanse me of my sins.

I especially enjoy when we sing an old hymn of the blood
and the cross while the ushers are passing around communion.
This past Sunday we sang, "Near the Cross."
It was beautiful.


Seeing how sick I've been lately, the following picture 
sums up WHAT I've been thinking of  
when communion is being passed around...

PLEASE tell me I'm not alone!

I find that when the plate with the wafers reaches me
I very carefully select my wafer all the while
wondering how many other people before me have touched 
the wafer I'm choosing.

And it doesn't help that our church recently switched 
the type of wafers we use for communion.  

They are very, very, very tiny.
They look like little pieces of Chicklets gum...
Which makes it really hard to touch just the one YOU want!

Let me know what YOU think of the germs.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I am a germ phobic. I know what germs can do to you first hand and they are everywhere.

    I was taught never to sit on a public toilet, wash after visiting the ladies room and to use a towel to open the bathroom door in a public rest room. Do you know how many people I see who leave the stall without washing their hands? And some of these look like people who take very good care of themselves. So gross.

    My Hubs says most of the men never wash their hands. Ugh!!

  2. I've thought of this too. I guess one can only hope everyone is as considerate as you are.

  3. I agree that we need to be more careful when it comes to germs and public places. I like the idea of store that now have wipes available before you take a cart.
    In our church the Pastor hands us the wafer at the front of the church.

  4. When I was a kid, communion meant everyone having a sip from the same goblet. It was also the only time I got to taste real wine... Perhaps concord wine is strong enough to kill off germs. Maybe we had better immune systems back then because we did stuff like that.

  5. My husband is a school teacher and so we are ALWAYS sick. If something is going around we always get it because somebody came to school with it. He is done teaching after this year and I am looking forward to less germs. Hopefully WAY less germs.

  6. At our church, we all stand up and shake hands before the service begins. When I sit down, I'm, usually, grabbing for my hand sanitizer. You don't know where those hands have been!

  7. Personally, my pet peeve are the people who will not keep their sick kids at home, but bring them to church (or go themselves even when they're sick), spreading germs to everyone else. It's okay to stay home from church when you're sick. Jesus doesn't NEED our attendance! I swear that some people think they get special points for going to church even though they're feeling miserable.

    God gives us brains for a reason.

  8. I am a germophobic! Lysol and hand sanitizers in every room in the house and every car. I usually do not shake hands with people due to the fact, I have no idea where their hands were before they shook mine. As mentioned above, my pet peeve is also people who bring their sick kids with them everywhere. I understand that sometimes it can't be avoided but at least make an attempt. I remember one day I was dropping my little one off at school and as I was walking out of the building, a parent dropped her child off at the curb and the child was vomiting all the way to the entrance. I proceeded to escort that child to the office and informed the principal who then called the parent to return to the school to pick up her sick child. Ugh:-(!

  9. Oh goodness, I do try and wash my hands A LOT. I always use the hand sanitizer for the grocery carts etc., and I never touch door handles of restrooms, use the toilet cover etc. But it never occurred to me about the wafers for communion. Not a bad point though. I know how that is when you have been sick so much recently like you have. You become very cautious. I have never understood (like the others here) why sooo many people bring their kids out sick though. But they sure do. I try not to think about it much or I could become fanatical, haha, kind of my nature. Hope you had a good day!

  10. I'm with you. I always carry hand sanitizer in my purse. You never know. The church changing wafers doesn't help either. Maybe carry your own wafers and pretend to take one. I am your newest follower. Happy Mother's Day.

  11. Oh, I know what you mean! You wonder how clean those hands are and how much they touch. I'm one who always wipes down the handles of my cart and keeps hand sanitizer in my car!

  12. Aren't there any other family members willing to step in? Father? Grandparents? Aunts or uncles? Anyone?

  13. Ugh. Yes, I think of that and never looked forward to communion for similar reasons. The church I used to attend used a loaf of handmade bread. The preacher would use hand sanitizer first but then pull off pieces of bread and we'd dip the pieces of bread into a "community" cup. There's a name for all this but I forget...anyway, it was SO difficult to focus on Communion because I was thinking about where people's hands had been, did their fingers dip into the juice...UGH! I get squeamish now just thinking about it and I muck barns at home!

  14. Germs are everywhere, even in places you least expect it to be. It can be passed even through simple skin contact. Having a sanitizer within your reach can be handy in keeping your hands clean, especially when handling things that you will put inside your mouth. You don’t want to get sick, do you?