Tuesday's Question...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life is really busy for me these days as I'm sure for most of YOU!

But we still need to cook dinner for our families and sometimes
cooking the same meals over and over again can be so 

I am forever searching Pinterest and Blogs looking for 
yummy recipes that I can make for my family.

Which leads to this week's Tuesday's Question...

"When was the last time you actually made a recipe 
you found on line and what is the name of that recipe?"  

And here is what I made last week...

Come back tomorrow for the recipe.

And you know it will be EASY! 

Don't forget to let me know if you've made a recipe recently 
that you found on line!

Enjoy your day!


  1. I tried one last night that I found on Pinteret. I think it was something like Best Pork Chops Ever recipe. Well, needless to aay, I beg to differ. The taste, for me, was quite bland. I don't have any plans to make them, again, anytime soon.

  2. Sadly for me as a person who likes variety, the rest of my family prefers to stick with the same tried and tested meals. So I haven't tried any new recipes in quite a while...:-(

  3. Oh yes, I often use recipes I've found on others' blogs! Today's post, Curry Chicken Salad is an example. Many of my regular blogs have great recipe offerings almost daily. My blogging friends are a great resource. :-)

  4. This looks delish, as do all of your recipes. I will be back......

  5. Good morning! It was the cupcakes we made for my nieces shower. The recipe was nothing special, but the decorations on them were just adorable! I have no idea how they tasted as I didn't have one, but others seemed to love them, haha. And before that it was the Santa Claus Oreo/strawberry hat cookies we made for my hubby's birthday party. Now those I ate and loved as did everyone else as they were gone as quickly as we put them out. Do you see a pattern here? lol It seems as if for a special occasion I want something new and different, and for the everyday not as much. Have a good day! HUGS

  6. I used to always search for recipes.... Now, not so much.

    I found a recipe a couple of months ago on a blog that I made. Can't remember the name of it but it was like a trail bar type thing.

  7. Looks good!

    Am changing the way I eat so I've been getting and making a lot of recipes from SkinnyTaste. They've been really good.

  8. I have made a lot of really good recipes that I have gotten from my blog friends.
    I am making one I got from Mari's at My little Corner of the World. It is Lasagne soup.
    I have also tried several of yours.

  9. Hmmm... I am guilty of pinning cool things and not getting back to them. Often, I see cool things and modify them to fit our low sodium needs. The last recipe I tried step-by-step was a sad attempt at making "chicken nuggets" from tofu. Nobody fell for it. What was I thinking? Tofu is not even that good for you!

  10. I always enjoyed baking but nowadays, hubby has diabetes and also is on a salt-free diet. Not much fun to cook as everything he can have is bland! We eat out locally about twice a week and I always look forward to that. Happy Spring to you and yours.

  11. I love to try new recipes. The last one I made was the sticky roll recipe with the Pillsbury biscuits and sugar, cinnamon, syrup and butter. I did that on Saturday. We have made that a lot recently.

  12. Pioneer Woman has fabulous chicken fingers. My family loves them - and if you are looking for a wonderful Easter cake - Bobby Flay's -"Lime in the Cocoanut cake" is to die for! Just made it for a church function tonight and there wasn't a crumb left.

  13. Hi Lois,
    I make a lot of recipes I find online
    and a lot from the Kraft kitchen email I get. I know I made something recently but can't remember what it was now............I did get the recipe to make MacDonald's St. Patty's day shake, but never made it unfortunately cause Publix didn't have peppermint extract. So oh well,
    we probably didn't need it anyway!! lol
    Your recipe from today looks yum
    yum yummy...............
    I have been wanting some chicken egg fu yung! (spelling??)
    It is one of my favs but never have tried and probably never will to make it!! lol

    Hope you have a delightfully wonder spring day. Surprisingly it is overcast today.....but warm and all the wonderful signs of spring are exploding all over the place,
    so great..................

    Love ya, Nellie

  14. I love to look around too and I like the food you make. But the last I made was an apple crisp. sandie