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Tuesday's Question...

I didn't think I was going to get Tuesday's Question posted today.
My mother had 2 doctor appointments scheduled for today but 
they were cancelled a little while ago.

So here I am!

This week's Tuesday Question is a GOOD one!

"Do you enjoy Garage Sales?"

I love garage sales, but unfortunately hardly take the time anymore
to stop at any that I see while driving.

BUT, a few months ago a Garage Sale Site was posted on 
Facebook and I joined.
It's a local site and it's been WONDERFUL!

You upload your photos of what you have for sale,
give everything a price and hopefully another member
will see and want to purchase your item.

You then schedule a place to meet up and exchange goods.
It's all safe and 
I've sold A LOT of things.

I try really hard NOT to purchase.
And when I do see something that I would like,
I remind myself that our Girl is in college.

It usually works except for this ONE item...

A deep fryer.
And it was BRAND new and only $15.00.

Come back tomorrow to see what I made
with my Garage Sale Find!

AND if you'd like to be my friend on Facebook, click HERE.  
I'd love to be friends with you on Facebook as well!

Let me know if YOU like Garage Sales
and what your latest find was!

On the menu at our house tonight:

Tossed salad with Italian dressing
Garlic bread

Enjoy your day!


  1. I do enjoy shopping at garage sales - I am not one who bargains - and I don't let my grandson come - $$$! lol sandie

  2. I haven't been to a garage sale in quite awhile, Lois. No real reason...just don't usually get moving early enough to get in on the good stuff.

  3. This is something I USED to do, but not so much anymore. We had a couple of big garage sales before we moved here though. My hubby worked the crowd, haha. We sold A LOT! I am always amazed at the "professionals" that work these. Good find on the fryer...can't beat that price! Hope your having a good day!

  4. Yep, love the Fb garage sale site!

    That deep fryer is similar to what I use to make fried pizza dough, as well as plain fried bread dough. Both are yummy!

  5. Garage sales, and even sidewalk freebies. I could tell some stories about the good things I have gotten for free on the sidewalk. ;)

  6. That was a great find and for sure the price is right.
    I love going to garage sales and they should be starting up again here now that the weather is warmer.

  7. I love garage sales. I only go in the warm weather. I didn't go to too many last summer because I just didn't need any more stuff. In the past I have gotten most of Mary's toys and household items there. I got great baskets and knick knacks to stuff holiday gift baskets with. I just love the feeling of treasure hunting and getting great deals :)

  8. Yardsales are a favorite sport of mine!

  9. Those lasagna rollups look fantastic! And I like thrift stores. Doesn't hurt to look. Sometimes there are great buys - other times just junk someone should have thrown out. :-) Congrats. on your deep fryer. That basket works great for blanching green beans when you go to freeze them, by the way.

  10. I do love garage sales, but hardly ever go anymore. They start so early around here that I never feel like getting up at 6 to go. It's just as well because I need to be getting rid of stuff more than bringing in more.

  11. I love garage sales but I usually go in about noon because I just can't seem to get up that early;)
    The lasagna looks just wonderful!

  12. Thrift shops..garage'm into it! LOL

  13. I love yard sales {as we call it here} and my favorite find was like-new shirts for my son for $.25 each. I got 8 shirts for $2! They were too big for him so they are being stored until he is able to wear them.

  14. In recent years, I try to avoid yard sales as we have drastically downsized. You really got a great bargain.

  15. Hi Lois,
    Yea, I do like to go to garage sales,
    but only ones in nice neighborhoods.
    That is the only place I have ever really found anything, but it has been a longggg time since I have done any garage sale shopping, so don't remember my last good find.

    Hope all is well with you. Our company left this afternoon, and we were sad to see them go, but it was a joy having them here.

    Take care sweetie,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  16. I love garage sales but it has been hard to find the time to go to them. You look like you got a great find with that fryer!

  17. A virtual garage sale? That's cool!

  18. what an idea for facebook!! You got a great deal for $15!!


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