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Tuesday's Question...

This week's Tuesday Question is being composed while 
I sit in the waiting room of a hospital in Bethlehem, PA.

No, not for me THIS week.

My mom is having a heart catheterization procedure
this morning as part of a series of tests 
she needs for a major surgery next month.
She will be having her aorta valve replaced sometime soon.

Prayers would be appreciated!

Now, on to this week's Tuesday's Question.

"Is there something you won't eat 
and why won't you eat this particular item?"

For me, the answer is 


I do NOT like the taste of fish.
I do NOT like the smell of fish.

This includes ALL fish.
Yes, even tuna.

Sorry, Charlie!

Very rarely do I even cook fish.
Which is sad because the Colonel LOVES fish.
I think in the almost 25 years we've been married I have made
fish three times; if that many. 

So, let me know YOUR answer to this week's question,

"Is there something you won't eat 
and why won't you eat this particular item?"

On the menu at our house tonight:

An easy meal,

Enjoy your day!


  1. Praying for your mom!

    I'm with you ~ I have really tried to like fish but just can't do it although I do like solid white water packed well drained tuna.

  2. Hoping all goes well for your dear mother, Lois.
    I just can't abide mushrooms no matter how I try.They're too slimy and remind me of fish!! Though I can eat tuna and fresh salmon!
    Have a safe day!

  3. Lifting your Mom to our Healing Lord in prayer.
    Praying the Lord would fill your waiting with His peace and presence.

  4. What a lovely photo of all of you! May God bless your Mom with much peace today as she goes through this procedure.

  5. Prayers being lifted up on behalf of your mom! One thing I absolutely refuse to eat is oysters...BLECH! I can't stand the look of those slimy things!

  6. Sending healing prayers for your Mom. *HUGS*

  7. Praying for your Mother to have a very successful surgery. I hope all goes well.

    I will not eat any meat that is not completely cooked. My Hubs eats his steak rare and loves sahsimi. I want my steak very well done and will NOT eat raw fish.

  8. Prayers and good thoughts for your mom!

    I like fish now but used to be with you, but the one thing I would turn my nose up at are Lima Beans. They make me gag.

  9. You have my prayers so keep us informed how she is. I know you love your mom so much.

    And I don't like fish either.

    But what I HATE is - COCONUT!

    WHY- It just doesn't go down and it stays in my teeth for ever!!



  10. Prayers for sure for your mom.
    If there is only one thing I will not eat I guess I have to say
    Spinach,just the sight of it makes me gag.Mushrooms would come in next.

  11. Hope all goes well with your mom! My least favorite food on the planet is cantaloupe. The taste of it makes me physically ill.

  12. I try to be a good sport about eating most things, just because I want the kids to always be open to trying new things (especially Sydney with her sensory issues) but there are a few things that I have flat out refused to try. Head cheese, pickled tongue and pig hocks are a few that I won't eat no matter what. :)

  13. Dear Lois,

    Hope all goes well for your Mom.
    My most hated food is Sweet Potatoes. The smell alone makes me gag. One year I proved just how much I loved my husband by making whipped sweet potatoes in orange cups and gagged the entire time. He was surprised and very happy. Thank goodness it was a one time thing!


  14. Hi Lois...I am praying for your momma. I hope all goes well with her heart cath...and with her surgery that will be coming up.
    I like the 3 generation picture of you pretty ladies.

  15. Hi Lois...I am new to your blog and I am so happy that I found it..
    Hoping all is well for your mom...

    Question for the day: I will not eat liver of any kind...It is suppose to be good for us, but nope, not gonna try it! I don't want to eat anything that filters junk and toxins from somethings body.

  16. There are quite a few things I will not eat. Liver, turkey, oysters, clams, cucumbers... My taster can't tolerate them. Love anything sweet though. Praying all goes well with your mother's surgery. She's a beautiful lady.

  17. Hi Lois, I pray that everything will be fine for your mother.

    As to the question, I cannot stand licorice! It's funny that when I was young I hated cheese, but now I love it!

    BTW, I made your Pasta Fagioli last was delicious! My hubby loved it! I didn't make it in a crockpot because I started it too late, but it still turned out yummy. Thanks again for the recipe.

  18. Mine is eggplant, I love vegetables all but this one!
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment on the beadboard!

  19. Forgot to mention your mom, I hope all goes well with her and I'll keep her in my prayers!

  20. Thanks for letting us know about your mom. There will be many praying for her. These things always catch our attention, don't they.

    Any food I won't eat? Hmmm. Yes. I won't eat lutefisk. YUK. And living in a Scandinavian community, there's plenty of opportunity to eat lutefisk. lol

  21. I will be remembering your mom in prayer. The food I won't eat is small green lima beans. The reason is because my mom made me eat them even though I gagged on them. I'm still not a huge fan of beans but after I got married my husband fixed butter beans and I do like those.

  22. Hi Lois,
    Guess my answer would not be too far from yours............Sushi.....
    The thought of it makes me sick!~
    I do eat some fish, but it has to be very mild like tilapia or bass.
    I do eat tuna, fresh or canned, but I dump the canned tuna in the colander and rinse it really good first, but if it is fishy at all....not for this

    So I hear you honey!! is a bad thing as far as I'm concerned!

    Will sure be praying for your Mom,
    my hubby had 6 bypasses done over 6 years ago, and is doing great, they can do some amazing things these days, and then we all know WHO
    does the real healing! Will sure
    be praying for my birthday mate!

    Take Care Sweetie, glad all the tests gave them the
    info they need.
    Blessings, Nellie

    Great picture of you 3 girls! nice!
    As I read the list I thought of yea, I really dislike those too.
    pig feets, I have never even tried to eat those, just the thought makes me gag! and licorice, I will eat the red, but the black is horrible, my grandmother used to eat it all the time, blah!
    and oyster never tried them either,
    but they disgust me too! Oh and cow tongue, my grandmother used to eat that too, and used to say I'm not eating anything that might be eating me back!! lol
    Have a great day hon,
    Love ya, Nellie


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