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Wednesday's Word...

I Can Praise HIM...

In the middle of President Lincoln’s service to our nation, an elderly lady 
made an appointment to see him.  As she entered his office, he inquired,
“How can I be of service to you, Madam?”

The little lady said, “Mr. President, I know you are a very busy man, 
and I have not come to ask you for anything. 
I simply came to bring you this box of cookies.”

There was a long silence.  
Tears overflowed the President’s eyes as he began:
“Madam, I am greatly moved by what you have done. 
 For since I have become President, people have come into this office one after 
another asking for favors and demanding things from me.  

You are the first person who has ever entered these premises 
asking no favor but bringing a gift.  
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  

Reading this story about President Lincoln makes me realize how many times 
I have come into the presence of a greater Person’s office...into the throne room of the Almighty; 
time after time and I have brought nothing with me. 

I have asked, I have pleaded, I have begged and even at times I have demanded.  
But, oh so often I have forgotten to bring Him a gift; a gift of praise.  
I can praise HIM!

"The heavens declare the glory of God."
  Psalms 19:1
That being so, why shouldn’t I do the same?  
After all I have been created in His own image, I have been redeemed 
by the blood of the Lamb, therefore, I can praise HIM!

Praise is the highest gift to the believer.  
It centers upon what God has done and not what we have done for God.  
You see, praise makes us strong.
Our praise does not only glorify and honor God, it edifies and lifts us up to new heights.   
It is at these new heights that we find the strength to deal with the many difficulties life throws at us.  

To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. 
O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.
Psalms 30:12

Today I have the opportunity to bring a gift to my Lord; a gift of praise. 
I can come into His Presence asking for nothing.  
I simply come to lift my heart in praise and gratitude for all of His blessings. 
He is the object of my praise and is worthy to be praised.  
His name is Jesus, the Son of God, my Savior 

Adapted from a sermon by my father, Rev. William J. Behr


  1. What a powerful and uplifting post...THANK YOU!

  2. Yes! This was the gift of learning to pray with Moms In Prayer. We praise Him for who He is first. Starting there allows us to get our minds and hearts off of ourselves and our circumstances and onto His Glory and perfect Character. It transformed my prayer life and relationship with God to praise Him for who He is alone and thank Him separately for what He does. If He never did anything (yet He has and does) He would still be worthy of praise! Great post!

  3. Beautiful post Lois. I loved the story about President Lincoln

  4. What a beautiful reminder Lois! I would have loved to listen to your dad's sermons. ♥

  5. Lois...this is a great post. My husband and I have had prayer times together where we have tried only to Praise Him...and not ask things from Him! It was wonderful!

    Love, Linda

  6. Good morning! What a wonderful post! And Amen to it all! Yes, may His praise continually be in our mouths! This verse just popped into my head..and I pray it will stay there all day...

    Psalm 34:1 ,,,,. I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  7. Love this. Thank You for reminder.

  8. Beautiful post, Lois! So often we rush to God when we want something, want him to FIX things, etc. We have a powerful, amazing, Creator Savior and should praise Him continually! Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  9. And oh how he wants our praise! As Christians we will be spending an eternity doing it, so we should get in the practice while here on earth!
    Great post!

  10. Wonderful post, Lois and I'm sure I'd have loved to hear you father preach.
    Thank you!

  11. Amen to that! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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  13. SO beautiful! Thanks for sharing this today~ HE is worthy to be praised!

  14. This is a very good post. I am so moved by every one's sweet comments and words of encouragement! Thanks for always stopping by my blog with such sweet comments!


  15. Great reminder. Its so easy to get lost in unthankfulness.

  16. Too often we forget to give Him the praise he is due...we only bring our troubles and needs to Him. Excellent post!

  17. This was so a warming for me tonight, Lois, and also challenging too! I don't want to be guilty of always asking and not thanking God for all that He does for me.
    Your Dad sounds like he was an awesome preacher and pastor, this message hits to our very heart and soul. Thank you for sharing a part of his life with us, I find it amazing that though he is now in the presence of the Lord, that the messages God gave Him are still being played to an even wider audience. What an amazing God we serve, makes me want to shout and sing!
    Enjoy your week,

  18. Oh! This post was so beautiful and moving!

  19. Very uplifting Lois and something I needed. sandie

  20. Dear Lois, A beautiful post. We should remember to thank and bring the gift of just wanting to be with Him and thankfulness for always being with us. Blessings my friend. Catherine xoxo

  21. Oh wow Lois,
    that was really beautiful, and so very true. Loved the story about Abe lincoln and the lady with the cookies
    so makes the point.
    and sooooooooooo neat that was an off shoot of your dads sermon notes, he must be really smilin big up in heaven.......that's my girl!!

    Love ya, Nellie

  22. Beautifully written and how timely, Lois. It's good to be reminded that we need to continually offer sacrifice of thanks and praise to the Lord. Looking forward to more of this. The Lord bless you always!


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