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Tuesday's Question...

This week's Tuesday's Question is a fun one.
At least I think so!

"Do you have a special collection 
on display in your house ?"

For me, it's all about my antique blue ball jars...

I have A LOT of ball jars.
And not just the blue ones!
Clear ones also.

But the blue ones are my favorite and I have them on display on top 
of our kitchen cabinets.  

The clear ones I use during the summer on our back porch.
I put a little sand in them and then a candle and they look so pretty when lit.
I had them all over the back porch when we had 
Olivia's graduation party last year.
But of course, I was too busy in the kitchen to take pictures.

When we redid our kitchen last year we had a HUGE decision to make.
What size cabinets to have installed?
Of course, our contractor suggested the tall ones that 
go all the way to the ceiling.
That seems to be the trend.

But the Colonel looked at me and said, 
"What about your ball jars?"

And I thought where else could I display them?
And we quickly agreed we would stay with the older sized cabinets
that give you room to display items on top. 

My love for them comes from my grandmother.
I have 3 that were hers.
And I've slowly added to them over the years.
I now have over 40 and have stopped collecting;
the tops of our cabinets are full.  

But I still stop and find myself looking at them 
whenever we're in a country store or garage sale and think
maybe I can squeeze ONE more on top of our cabinets.

They make me happy and sometimes we all need 
a little something "blue" to look at and feel happy...

So, now that I've shared with you MY collection,

Leave me a comment and let me know or better yet, 
visit my Facebook page and let me know there!  

On the menu at our house tonight:


Enjoy your day!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for 
Day Two of Side Dishes!


  1. I just love all of your jars! I'm partial to the blue ones too but I don't have any. I may have to start looking...

  2. do dust bunnies count as collectables?LOL! No seriously....I used to collect angels....the ones I have are displayed in the hallway.

  3. I had a collection of jars in my last house that had a country kitchen. But I got rid of them when we moved 5 years ago. (Sold them in the antique mall)

    They do make ya feel happy...and the blue color is so cheerful.

    We collect a ton of stuff. John has the whole basement family room filled with his collections of Antique advertising pieces and a soda fountain room full of ice cream trays and soda fountain items.

    Collecting is fun, and it is fun to go on "Junkin' trips"! But we have had to slow down because we are running out of room too. (:>)

  4. someone in my FB swap group is looking for 90 of these jars for wedding reception decorations! Very nice, Lois!!!

  5. What pretty jars! I used to collect Emmett Kelly figurines and music boxes. When my mom passed away in 2000, I inherited her hummingbird figurine collection.

  6. Hi Sunshine,
    Love your jar collection, that shade of blue just makes my heart beat a lil faster, it is so pretty! Bet that looks really awesome in your kitchen too.
    I sort of collect pitchers and creamers, mostly white, I love anything white but particularly porcelain in have probably seen them already in a white wednesday post at sometime,
    I am sure.

    Great question by the way.....
    Have a Wonderful day sweetie!

    come check out my heart tips tuesday post for a fun and delicious treat.........


  7. How fun! I too love that color blue!

    Like Nellie, I enjoy collecting pitchers and creamers. Mine are all different sizes and displayed around the house...not together.

    I also like collecting purses! I don't regularly change the one I use, but can't resist buying one that "grabs my heart!" LOL

    ((HUGS)) sent your way!

  8. I love the jars, and I especially love that your grandmothers got you started....I used to collect precious moment figurines. I have a small display case of those. And I used to collect Gone with the Wind memorabilia. Notice the key words...USED TO....I ran out of room so my collections are complete. I still do grab an occasional gone with the wind Christmas ornament though if I come across one I can't resist. Truthfully, I have plenty of those too. Hope you have a good day!

  9. Lois, I fill all my jars with rocks. Once I remove them from my head. LOL. I actually took pics of them recently. They are everywhere! I love your blue jars! I also have some with sand and shells.

  10. I love the color of those jars.
    I have a collection of cows. From cookie jar to door stop. I have had them for years. Being a city girl I don't know why I choose cows. I guess my husband got me started with a cute figurine he got when he was on the road and I have just been trying to downsize now that I am getting old and hate dusty all of them.

  11. Hi Lois,
    Your Ball jar collection is wonderful! My largest collection by far is my pewter collection, then my quilt collection, then my crock collection. I have recently started collecting redware too. It's addicting isn't it! :)

  12. Oh my I forgot to add my seashell collection! I have shells from all over the world! How could I forget those! ♥

  13. I love those jars - I had one given to me by Ann - I never see them anywhere.

    I do have a magnet collection and a pug dog collection.


  14. I have a few blue jars that I've had a long time. Love the color. I collect recipes, does that count? :) Otherwise, I don't really collect things because I just don't have room for anything else! I used to collect baskets and had several hanging on my wall in the kitchen. But I sold most on a garage sale when I got tired of them.

  15. Lovely jars!

    I collect salt and pepper shakers. :)

  16. I love the jars! So pretty and they look beautiful with the flowers. Great shot.
    I seem to be collecting cookbooks. I just keep adding more and more!

  17. Those jars are so lovely! And, they can be used for so many things. :)

    I'm a cookbook and tea cup collector, but I've had to put the brakes on both.

  18. Oh your jars are so pretty! I really don't collect anything right at the moment.

  19. My Daughter wants me to find her some of those jars. She got this wire basket like thing that holds them... now all she needs is the jars.

  20. At one time I collected cups and saucers from all over the place. Then we moved and I didn't have a place to display them and so I quit collecting. It's really fun to have a collection and to search for new pieces :)

  21. I collect vintage hats. My favorites are from the 1920's-1930's era, but I also have ones from the Cival War, and Edwardian ones as well. I just love the design of them! I have a few more 'current' ones, things that our grandmothers may have worn in the 50's and 60's, but my focus is more on the older ones.I occasionally wear them to 'period events', which is fun. I don't have them displayed yet, one day I hope to get a nice cabinet and hatstands, but for now they are stored away,tucked in archival tissue in packing boxes, much to my hubby's dismay. Thankfully he's patient with me!


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